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How often do you do surveys on Swagbucks?

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How often do you do surveys on Swagbucks?


Do you try and go through them daily?


What is the most number of swagbucks you have won doing a survey?

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I don't do them on a routine basis because I get disqualified too often. I think I don't meet the demographics they're looking for (I'm too old). I have been doing them the last few days though since they're doing the team comps where you get extra points if you meet your goal each day. There's really no way to earn the required number of points unless you sit on swag TV all day or complete a survey, so I just try to find one that will give me enough points to earn my goal for the day. So far so good.
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I get disqualified a lot too, and then I give up for awhile.  I did get 150 swagbucks once, though.  That was my highest.

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I actually got $20 via Paypal for one I did a couple months ago.


If I have time and I'm doing nothing, I go through and do them.  Under "Special Offers" on the Peanut Labs tab there are some surveys that are good, too.  A lot of times I get the 65 SB for 5/10 minutes ones and it really takes 3 minutes. I am always surprised that the survey is over.


And if you're trying to meet the daily goals and don't have referrals, surveys is pretty much the only way to do it.

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I definitely think it's worth checking the trusted surveys for any that say 5 or 10 minutes.  If you qualify, they really only take a couple minutes.  I just did one that took 3 minutes and was 50 Swagbucks.

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I just started doing swag bucks about a month and a half ago.  I probably do 3 or 4 surveys a day that I manage to qualify for.  I don't remember the most that I've gotten from one survey, but I have had a couple of days where I managed to do over 1,000 swagbucks.  I seem to be more lucky than most with the surveys, though I don't know why - apparently I fit someone's demographic.  In the month and a half that I've been doing it, I've managed to redeem just over $100 in amazon gift cards.  I just used some of my amazon credit to order DH a new screen protector for his tablet, and I'll need to order a new box of syringes for my asthma meds in a few days - so much easier to just get a case of 100 off of amazon than to have to jump through hoops at the pharmacy for 5 or 10 at a time.  I know that I can reuse them (I don't inject, just need them to get the meds out of the bottles they are packaged in), but eventually they a: get gross and b: the markings wear off.  I kind of need to know how much I'm taking.

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