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I guess hot sauce & bread are the only ones I refrigerate on the list.  Hot sauce just because all the condiment type stuff goes in the fridge, and bread because we don't use it quickly and it will usually mold before we use it all if I leave it on the counter.  We mainly use bread for toast, so if it's a litte dry it's not a big deal I guess, though I don't notice it drying out.  Onions go in the fridge after they are cut, but I nothing else.  Tomatoes I especially never refrigerate, as swishina said they lose their flavor, they're nasty cold! 

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I don't refrigerate any of those items. I've talked before on here how I HATE bread or tomatoes that have been refrigerated. I never do either of them (& don't freeze bread either). I can't even imagine putting onions or potatoes in the fridge either. They'll last a long time out, so why put them in there? I do put a cut onion in a baggie in the fridge, but will sometimes still leave it on the counter if I know I'm going to use it the next day.
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I put onions, potatoes and tomatoes in the frig.
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Hot sauce is mostly vinegar, so I've never even considered refrigerating it. 


Why on earth would anyone put nail polish or batteries in the fridge?


I buy real maple syrup, and I do refrigerate it after it's opened. 

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I put them all in the fridge except for nail polish and batteries, and not usually bread.  I don't know what we're doing wrong, but potatoes rot really quickly when they're in our pantry.

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real maple syrup I put in the fridge.


nothing else.


except vidilla onions, I read somewhere that you are supposed to put sweet onions in the fridge.  But I haven't had one in 2 years  :-(  

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