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How does the weather affect how you feel?

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Blah!!!! Today is drizzly, dark and chilly and I have felt that way all day today too. On days like Tis I am unmotivated, achy and have a slight headache. I cannot believe how much the weather affects me!
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Weather definitely affects me.  I am a lot more cheerful when it is sunny.  When the weather changes it can trigger a migraine for me and the arthritis in my ankle acts up.  When it's cold and rainy I feel ilke I just cant warm up, even when I am inside.  I really don't like when it's cloudy for many days in a row in the winter.  I'd rather it be super bitter cold and sunny than slightly cold and cloudy. 

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Unfortunately it affects me a lot. I struggle with severe depression anyway and short days make things much more difficult. Excessive rainy periods (outside of spring) can also got me down. I have allergies so I'm screwed with outdoor allergens spring-fall, and in the winter the dust and pet dander in a shut up house will also bother me. I open windows and doors for a few minutes regularly, even in frigid cold temps just so I can get some circulation and fresh air in there. With my neck and back injury I have a lot of nerve damage and the cold really affects my hands badly and major joints, and my pain gets much worse before a storm. I'm one of those whose bones can tell a storm is coming haha So yeah, the weather f's me up. But what can you do? You just got suck it up, pop on a smile, and deal.

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Weather doesn't affect me emotionally, but it does physically.

During the fall, when we have thirty-degree temperature shifts over the course of the day, my sinuses go crazy. 

I hate winter - cold is physically painful to me. Not just my joints, although I do have a bit of osteoarthritis in my ankle. I can't ever seem to get warm no matter how many layers of clothing I wear, so I shiver constantly, to the point that my muscles ache.

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I agree that weather plays a big role in how you feel. I know I get sore if it gets to wet or cold outside.

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Wet, cold weather affects my mood.  Although, I usually use those days to get things done in the house.  I figure if I'm not going to be able to enjoy being outside, I can at least tackle some chores I never want to do when it's sunny.

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It affects me a lot.  I have a light therapy lamp that I got a couple winters ago.  I need to bring it out again... it has been SO gray and dreary lately.

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It effects me physically and emotionally. On cold, wet, rainy days I shut down emotionally. Cold and/or damp/wetness physically effects me. It makes every joint hurt all the more. Today it is a bizarre day. It is 68 already with a high of 75. It is nice and sunny. My joints don't hurt nearly like they have been. My mood is up. I am up and cleaning and doing things. I need to live in FL! LOL

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Eh sometimes it affects me and sometimes I don't notice. Some rainy days I'm more energetic to clean since I can't take ds outside.

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