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Elf on the Shelf Ideas (lots of photos)

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Last year we "adopted" Benny the Elf at Target. He is not the traditional elf on the shelf (my kids didn't like that one- they like the soft cuddly version). But soft and cuddly doesn't mean he isn't going to get into mischief!

The ideas behind Elf on the Shelf is he (or she!) arrives, and 'keeps watch' . He helps Santa decide who to put on the naughty and nice lists. But Elves get pretty bored quickly and tend to get into mischief themselves! These are just some of the things our Elf has gotten into...

Please feel free to add your own pictures and ideas to this thread- it will be really helpful for anyone just starting their own Elf on a Shelf Adventure!

Benny took a nap upon arrival...I guess we need to get him his own bed, but this did for the night:

He got into the Christmas Candy:

He got tangled in the blinds:

Aw, Benny brought us mini doughnuts (cheerios decorated with icing and sprinkles)

Late night hanging out watching a Movie- he better not have rented any pay-per-views!

Really Benny?! Really?!!!

Good thing the dog wasn't in her crate when you got stuck Benny!

Benny got the kids cereal ready for the in the morning and helped himself to a bowl as well

Going for 'a spin'

He dry erased some "faces" onto the kids Christmas picture

Late night poker game with the boys (But I think someone cheated!)

Good thing his pants don't come down...nobody wants an elf photocopying his tushie!

Benny was missing his family at the North Pole so he "elfed" us with some help from Office max and their Elf yourself page (available soon!)

Date night with Barbie- I think she picked the movie!

Spider Elf...Spider Elf....
Spider Elf! Spider Elf!

I think he wants soup for lunch

How....nice. Benny got the kids toothbrushes ready this AM, and just in-case we weren't sure who did it....he let us know!
Aw, how helpful, Benny got the kids toothbrushes readyand just in-case we didn't know it was him

Benny, are those Kels's glasses...and my new Us Weekly?!
Benny, are those Kels's glasses? And my Us Weekly?!

The Lego police have had enough of the Elf and his antics, they have contained the Giant
(for editing purposes- I had to overlay the tape, but if you use a small strip of duck tape or electric tape it shows up better than the washi I had on hand!)
The Lego police have had enough!The giant trouble making loud mouthed elf has been contained

Even Harry the Gorilla took matters into his own hands
Harry the Gorilla has had enough too

Benny, are those Mom's favorite shoes...and pearls??!!

That is not how you slam dunk!
That is not how you dunk!

Mini Marshmallow bowling
Mini-marshmallow bowling

BRRRR...did someone turn off the heat?
BRRRRR! It's chilly in here!

Mom is NOT going to think this is very funny, Benny
he he...Mommy might not like this one, but Benny sure thinks it's funny!

Zip-lining down the stairs

Benny edited this one and left it for the kids on the computer
He's a comedian all right!
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Those are great, when is your elf coming back?  I can't wait to bring mine out for the season!

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I think he will be back December 1st. He leaves us on Christmas, so I want to make sure he has some quality time with the family this year smile.gif
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I've never heard of this! How cute!! Love the pics smile.gif
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I'm so anxious to bring mine out!  I can't wait!

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Originally Posted by MissLucie View Post

I've never heard of this! How cute!! Love the pics smile.gif

It is as much fun for the grown ups as it is for the munchkins!
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So cute!  I love the mini marshmallow bowling.  Movie night with Barbie too... LOL!

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Those are such cute ideas!  DD isn't old enough yet for Elf, but I'm thinking in the next year or two......getting tons of GREAT ideas right now for it!!

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Very neat ideas! I plan to start an Elf on the Shelf tradition in my home this year...I already browsed Pinterest for lots of ides! Hehe

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Those are some really cute ideas!  I need to be more creative with our elf this year.

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