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Need ideas for astronaut costume

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My dd has to dress up as Sally Ride, the first woman to walk on the moon. So far I have gone to the thrift store and got a white zip up shirt with two pockets on the front to wear with white pants, black boots that I'm going to try to spraypaint white, white gloves, and a old motorcycle helmet that is white already with a red, white, and blue stripe on it. The only thing I need is the plastic part of the helmet, what can I use? And we also have a flag that she is going to be holding like she is putting in on the moon. The other thing I need is to make something for her to stand on that looks like the moon. I bought a piece of foam core board and I wanted to make craters and moon rocks, etc. How can I do this? I know you ladies have awesome ideas, thanks so much!!!!
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I don't know what kind of boots you got, but in the pictures I saw, the boots look like black puffy snowboots. I'm not sure I'd paint them.

Be sure to paint NASA somewhere on the uniform.

Bike helmets come with a plastic snap-on face shield. If you can't find one, perhaps you could get a plastic bowl from a dollar store and spray paint it with dark metallic paint then put it on the top of the helmet with double sided sticky tape in the 'up' position.

If you're really motivated, you could try to fashion an airpack for her back. I imagine you could do it by stuffing a large black backpack with something lightweight, then covering the whole thing with a white sheet. The black backpack straps won't be a distraction.

For moon rocks, use fleck paint (found at craft stores) on some randomly cut foam pieces (like mattress pad foam). I'd probably be tempted to fashion the craters out of the same material.
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I will go look & see if we still have ours. Caitlin had to dress up as Christa McAliffe (sp?) for a biography fair. I found an astronaut costume on ebay. I will let you know shortly.
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Sorry, P- I looked & can't find it. Caitlin thinks we got rid of it when we moved. I'm sorry.
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Signals has an astronaut costume for sale.

However, I think the one you have already planned will be far more cute.
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I was going to say to put her in a diaper & give her some pepper spray...
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Originally Posted by calimari View Post

I was going to say to put her in a diaper & give her some pepper spray...
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