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What do you eat for Christmas dinner?

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Trying to decide what to have. Growing up we always had turkey, but we are not that wild about it.
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Sometimes I will just make a brunch.  Other times I will do a ham dinner.

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It depends where we go. If it's just us, turkey. If we see my MIL then we go out to eat, ie: Chinese food. If we go to my parents, ham. Nobody is a big ham person so I'm not sure how that started. Next time I think I'll bring a big turkey breast over or something. I don't know what we're doing this year yet.

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We actually have 4 different gatherings at our house. On the 23rd we have a ham dinner with E kids. On the 24th we have fried chicken dinner with my daughter and her family. Ont the 25th we have Christmas breakfast with my sister and her family and my mother. On the 27th we have fried turkey dinner with my sil and her family.

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We always have ham. It's a tradition that I grew up with and that I continue. Turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas.
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I make seafood gumbo.

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Ham and Polish sausage
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We don't have a Christmas dinner, just snacky type foods that we have out off and on throughout the day. 

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Ham and lasagna

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We stay home on Christmas Eve with just the kids and us we open all our gifts so we do homemade pizza mozarella sticks and through out the day have snacky stuff like meat, crackers, cheese, little smokey's and my meat balls.


Christmas day we have Turkey at mils but she always dries it out I'm trying to convince her to do the Arby's catering and get the roast beef in a croc pot only $6.99 a pound and it's so yummy.


My friends family does lasagna!

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