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I agree this was not cool on the mother part in bring in her son. Many women think when boys look at girls it is sexually but it not. We female love to paint an evil pictures of boys and men. We women and girls are in the same boat. I minds are just as sexually ad theirs. When girls and women look upon a naked boys we have sexually thoughts.

it just as danger bring a boy to the women locker room as leaving them in the male locker room. There is just as many sex pedophiles women and girls as their is males. It is very essay for a boy to be sexually molester in female locker room. His mom did that to display his body to those women or girls who saw him already naked. She did it also to let her son see naked girls with out their permission. when girls or women see a preteen boys or teens boys naked they also have sexually feelings.

It the manner in what happen. It normal for boys and girls to share a locker room is how it is done. My son is 10 years old and he goes a club scout and they had a pool get together. The brownies were invited and they use the coed locker room at the YMCA in our community. Now they knew a head of time that girls and boys would be sharing a children locker room at the pool. Everyone felt ok with it.

Now the problem with you place there was no understanding in what was going on. I been at pool where they were teaching swimming lessons and moms will have boys and girls in the locker room and they knew this was happen. The kids age were from 6 to 13 years old.

You women need to have someone talk to this women, it not her son. Just think about this he did not what to be in there. Just think some girls and women who saw his gentiles. See he was made to do that. Yes he was sitting there and look at naked girls it would be the same issues if a girls was in the boys locker room when know one new she was there would have been the same issues. This boys mom is a predator and predator like others to take part in their games. See she does sexually things with him at home and sex predator like to see if others would like to take part in their games.

If I was visiting a lady in her home and she had her son walk nude around me, I would be finding the closes door to leave. Not to say what was going on was wrong. It would be the attitude of it. Now I go to a lady house and the kids who are boys and girls are nudists in their home and I know it than it would be ok.

Now if the girls and the boy have a friendship and they knew each other than it would not been issues. What I mean is this let say my son is 12 years old and he been ask to come and swim with a group of girls by the girls because they know each other would open the door for his safe of not be along that he come with us in the dressing room to change clothes and take shower. What the problem with this issues of you in the locker room is you had know idea there was a boy in their. The boys in the boys locker room would have react just like you did if they did not know there was a girl in the boys locker room.

We women need to get off on our mind being that boys see girls and women as sex object because that not true. Women who hang out in other women home and see other women children being naked is no differs from the boy see the girls.

One thing you need to understand that predator are those to like to display their children to others. This mom is total wrong in what she did. First of all he is doing what his mom is telling him. Ready he does not what to be in their. His

Can i ask if you are from a different country? Umm yes it can be sexual. At this age, boys are CURIOUS about girls and their bodies. ITs naturaly to be curious, we women are not painting boys to be worse off then us, but you wouldn't find many girls in the opposite predicament. Boys, by nature are more curious. Its been proven, scientifically that we mature sexually at different rates. And boy's curiousity is sooner then girls.
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Totally inappropriate. A 12-year old is usually somewhere either in 6th or 7th grade. And yes, they are thinking of sex. I would have not wanted him in there even if I were the only other person in that locker room. I can understand the mother being hesitant to let him in the men's locker room alone, but I know most Y's have a coed room for this purpose. The management needs to be told and needs to post some rules...
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That's priceless!
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Super old thread
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Originally Posted by Stormy View Post

Super old thread

Too funny. I didn't even realize.
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M'ija, at that age, would most likely have walked up to him, asked if he enjoyed the show, and told him that he really ought to step into a stall and take care of that boner before he tripped over it.
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Are there some "trolls" hitting this thread? lol
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Are there some "trolls" hitting this thread? lol

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I thought Kim locked this thread?
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No that was another one
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