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Homemade Ornaments: 10 Ideas for Filling Clear Christmas Ball Ornaments

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An easy way to create an easy personalized ornament is simply to grab some of those clear plastic ornaments and fill them with fun and unique items.  The ornaments can be found in the seasonal department at Michael's.  You can purchase them individually or in sets.  There are several sizes and shapes to choose from so you can get creative. 


Here are some ideas for filling those ornaments:


1.  Use holiday sprinkles.  I bought a bunch last year on clearance.  You can use different kinds and layer them.  Hint:  Put the smallest sprinkles on the bottom and layer from smallest to largest.


2.  Fill with shiny curling ribbon.  Curling ribbon is pretty cheap, especially if you have some left over from last year.  Curl with scissors, cut into pieces, and fill your ornament.  Pick one color of several complimenting colors.  I would use shiny ribbon for the best effect.


3. Layer sand.  Use different colors of sand to create a "Sand Art" style ornament.


4. Layer different colored dried beans.  This creates a county-style earthy type of ornament.  Pick different colors of contrast like

black, pinto, and red kidney.


5.  Fill with dried flowers.  Grab some cheap potpourri mix at the Dollar Store.  Pick one with some deep reds and earthy browns.  


6.  Fill with Legos.  If you have a million Legos around your house, use them to fill your ornaments.  It's a great project for little boys.  Make them multi-colored or just pick one or two colors. 


7.  Fill with tinsel.  Here is a new way to deck your tree with the shiny stuff, stick some in a round ornament.  Note:  You may need a small stick or screwed to push the tinsel into the ball as you fill it.


8. Fill with beads.  Small jewelry beads are pretty inexpensive to buy.  You could also upcycle your old jewelry by using the beads from an necklace you never wear.  Kids costume jewelry from the Dollar Store could work as well.


9. Fill with buttons.  Use old buttons you have collected or buy a package of mixed buttons at a craft store.


10. Use sand and small sea shells.  Fill your ornament with a layer of sand.  Top with 5-6 small sea shells for a beachy look.


Note:  Make sure you have a small funnel handy to avoid a mess and frustration while filling your ornaments.


Here is another idea of how to make a personalized ornament.

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Swirl some paint around in them. Water down some regular white glue and swirl in some glitter.

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I use them to make  Photo Transparency Ornaments:  




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All wondrful ideas. Thank you.

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this blog has a melted snowman ornament I want to make.

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Kim is that photo on the inside?

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Originally Posted by Annie's Mom View Post

Kim is that photo on the inside?


Yes, it's a photo transparency.  Follow the link for the tutorial.  It's a fun project!

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A lady once gave me instructions on how to clean the paint from the inside of those old glass bulbs that are flaking, so you can use them for fresh projects.  Just be careful if the old globe is too thin, it may break on you (which would make the money-saving aspect feel much less worth it).


I'll have to see how she said to do it, but here is this

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Well, can't see how she told me to clean them, but this is what she said about a way to decorate some:


(From "Gramma Rigby") For Christmas ornaments, fill an empty ice cream bucket about half full of water, spray enamel paint that isn't water soluble of whatever color (metallic colors are pretty) on top of the water, thread a piece of string through the hanger of a clear plastic or glass ornament and dunk the ornament in the bucket. When it's lifted out, the paint will adhere to the ornament in random patterns. Hang from a clothesline to let dry. Once dried, they can be dunked again in another color. ETA: It just occurred to me that if you want to get the paint to adhere in a particular way, I bet using a fine sandpaper on the ornament would encourage the paint to stick to the roughed up area. After using the sandpaper, just be sure to wipe off the dust before immersing in the bucket.

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