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we love to go. We take one adult only vacation a year sometimes for a week or sometimes for only 3 or 4 days. Keeps us remembering why we got together in the first place. We usually go to the beach for a week in the summer and all of our family that can comes. And for the last 4 years we go to Disney for our Fall break. We love to go and a lot of times we do without other things so we can go away as a family as often as possible. My husband is a commercial beef farmer and never ever has time off unless he is out of town. It just works for us.
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Vacation-what's that? We haven't been anywhere good since 2002 before kids. Since then we maybe do a weekend thing but with the kids we haven't really done anything except the yearly trip to the waterpark with family for a weekend.
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DH gets two vacation allowances each year from work and if you don't use them, you lose the money. So, we take at least two vacations each calender year.
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We have small children so we do not do "vacations" anymore.. But we do trips to places on average 4 times a year. We go overnight in a hotel, and are gone for 2 days usually.

When I was a child my family did one big camping vacation a year.
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When I was a kid, we went away a lot, twice a year to Yosemite (4 days each) and a week or two each summer on a houseboat on a lake somewhere (changed). We also took a lot of weekend trips.

But I find travel with kids to be very expensive! We usually go out of town for one or two overnights once or twice a year, and we go camping 2x a summer, usually. The only family vacations we've done have been to Disneyland (twice -- and my son is almost 10).

BUT in a month, we leave for our grand tour! It's a big road trip to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and Disneyland. We'll come home on Easter Sunday. Hardly a VACATION in the traditional sense, but a getaway nonetheless!
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We've had one real vacation. And that was before my youngest son was born. We can't afford them. Sometimes we'll take a weekend somewhere. But that has only happened twice. I wish we could afford a vacation!
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As a kid we went to the shore every year for a week. Dh never went on a vacation until he married his first wife, then it was a week at the shore every year.
I love love love to travel. Before we got married, I traveled by myself to visit friends in different parts of the country and with an auntie to Europe several times. Before our son was born, dh and I went on one big trip each year, spent a few days at the shore, and went on a few weekend trips.
But now, with one income and a toddler, we're planning a few days at the shore and maybe an overnight or two with relatives in a four-hour radius.
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DH and I have been married for 11 yrs next month and we barely took an official week long vacation last Thanksgiving. However that was a week spent visiting family. We take as many trips as we can afford to go back home for weekend trips. Usually 2-3 per year. We do have weekends that DH will take off for a 3 day weekend and spend a family weekend, not going anywhere but just catching up with each other, when things seem to be chaotic in our lives.
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