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Walgreens and Rain Checks

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I went to Walgreens yesterday to take advantage of the Milk and eggs that were on sale.  They were out of eggs so  asked for a rain check.  The clerk told me that they didn't offer rain checks. I couldn't find anything on their site about rain checks.  So if anyone would happen to have the link or something I could print out to take back to the store I would much appreciate it.

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The only thing I could find is on the last page of their ad, it says "Rain checks are not available in stores that do not carry the advertised item."  I couldn't find any "policy" regarding rain checks online, but I have gotten rain checks there as recently as back to school time.  Maybe it's a store by store basis, I don't know.  Call the store and ask to speak to the manager and ask what the policy is. 

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I got a rain check on diapers recently. In fact, they offered it to ME when I asked if they had more of the size I needed.

I'd call and ask the manager as well. For all the coupon changes lately, I've never heard of a store not offering rain checks and if the website has a restrictions on them, it means they should be offered in general.
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I did call the manager and he confirmed my suspicion that the person working was a new employee and is still learning the ropes.  He also said that I can come in at my best convenience to get the eggs at the sale price.  smile.gif

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That was nice of him!
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