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I do give allowance. They get $1.00 for their age. Ds get $8.00 he is 8 and dd gets $3.00 she is 3. They do have chores that they have to do but I do not associate with their allowance. I had heard one time that if you tell your kids you will get money if you do chores as soon as they are old enough to work outside the house they will no longer do the chores because they are getting paid from somewhere else. So I try to tell them that doing chores and helping is part of being a family. We all help each other out. They are allowed to spend their money anyway they like to. I feel if I put a restriction on how they spend their now they might rebel as soon as they have full access to their money. So I do see them learning as they go along. HTH
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I usually give them 75 cents on Friday so they can get a special treat at lunch. But only if they do their homework and chores all week.
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Thanks for all of the advice!!! We have decided to give our girls an allowance every Friday of $15.00. They are 12 and 14. They are responsible for chores around the house but this will not be tied to that. They are going to have to manage their money. If they buy snacks at school,library fines, movies, special things they want to buy and so on they will have to use their money for that. I had a hard time coming up with an amount but I think in the long run this will end up being less than they expect me to give them and I hope it will teach them financial responsiblity.
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