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Sewing Thrift Store Clothes

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Has anyone re-fashioned something they found secondhand by sewing thrift store clothes?   What did you make or re-imagine?


Here are some great ideas.  It's amazing how great these look, and how frugal they are.  I love this peplum dress:



Peplum dress thrift store remake Source and instructions

For a no-sew version, you could hem it with that fusible iron-on tape and belt it with a wide belt.  




Ruffle dress thrift store remake source and instructions





Gingham Dress thrift store remake source and instructions




I love the idea of adding a flower to a thrifted cardigan source and instructions




This is a man's dress shirt!  source and instructions




This thrifted top is so cute.  Polka dots are really hot this spring, too.  source and instructions



This used to be an oversized sweater.  She took fabric off the sides to create the belt.  source and instructions



Old men's shirt into ruffled blouse  source and instructions



I LOVE this idea:  Sew doilies into the hem and sleeves of a thrifted sweater or blazer  photo source

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I have. Not so much clothing into clothes but I have done clothing into blankets. Thrift stores are a great way to get velvet or some other interesting fabrics.
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I like the blue dresss but I like the black and white checkered one better.

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I like most all of those.  I liked the second one (brown-ish) before and after.  Before would have been more of an around the house or to the pool dress, but still cute.


I haven't ever done that.  I can't sew well, though.  I took a sewing class, made a skirt, and then stopped.  Totally dropped the ball.  I could do the doilies on the blazer, though, and I really like that idea!  :)

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This one didn't require sewing, but I recently got some jeans at the thrift store for $1.49 and turned them into cutoffs:







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I've sewn thrift store clothes a few times. I got some too-big jeans, cut off the waist band and added an elastic band to make maternity jeans.

I've made cut offs

I've bought sheets to use as fabric from which I sewed skirts, t-shirts and maternity shirts.

You can also take extra large shirts and sew elastic in the side seams to create fake shirring and a maternity shirt.
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I've never done that before, but looks like a really fun way to get some cool, cheap clothes!

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This lady has a blog devoted to re-fashioning thrift store finds. Its fun to see how different things look after the re-sew. I can sew, but I just don't have an eye to see beyond what the original garment is...kwim?

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Daughter modeling the cutoff shorts along with a thrifted top for $4.99.  Total price for the look $4.99 + $1.49 = $6.48!!



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Men's button up shirts make great dresses, tops, or skirts. I buy the biggest men's t-shirts I can find for cheap knit fabric, the factory hems make refashions quicker. Pillowcases and vintage sheets make nice clothes for kids. I think everyone has seen one form or another of a pillowcase dress. Big clothes become tailored fitted clothes. Long become short. I'll buy things just for the fabric sometimes. Just cut up the seams and save it for whatever project may come my way. I have a big men's leather jacket at home, like a 2XL, that I'm working up enough nerve to cut into to try making myself a jacket.

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