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sweetest neighbors......

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We live in a nice, older subdivision & we live on the only "horseshoe" in there......well, there's a little old man & his wife who live on the other end of the horseshoe from us.......they love dogs.  THe little old man delivers treats to our dog & the neighbor across the street's dog.  Both our dogs wait for this neghbor to walk with his dogs & deliver them daily treats.  This neighbor Gene is so sweet he brought our dog a new sweater for Christmas & 2 this past week, plus last Friday am he knocked on our door & handed me a $20 gift card to Krispy Kreme donuts just because :)     I thought that was so sweet of him!   I think his kids live in Arizona & he's just a genuine sweet man.  Right before Christmas I took a huge plate of Christmas cookies that I baked to him & his wife & received a very nice thank you from the wife who said that was the sweetest thing anyone has done for them in a long time.  I am making cinnamon bread tonight & taking it over with an Easter Lily that I bought for them (as a thank you). 


just nice to know there are still thoughtful, nice people out there!  

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Ah, that is fantastic.

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Awww that is nice of both of you, to look out for each other.

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Nice to know people still do things like that.

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I love hearing stories about nice neighbors - cause we don't have any :(!!!

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Very nice!  You probably will never know how your kindness affects them!

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I actually took them an Easter Lily last Tuesday & stayed for a half hour & visited with them.   It was really nice to get to know them!  :)   They are genuine, nice people!

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