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Costco vs SAMs Club

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We took a look at Costco today.  I had never been in one before.  We were so impressed with all the organic s and healthy options available!  We plan to see how much time is left on our SAMs membership and have it not renew or cancel it and purchasing a Costco membership.  Neither one is very close to our house, but we will get there about once a month.  What do you guys think?

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We love Costco and the selection they have.  We don't have a Sam's Club or Costco near us either.  Our friends bought us a Costco membership, so once our Sam's Club membership expired, we didn't renew it.  We love their produce, bakery, health and their electronic selections.  They do have quite a variety as well for organic selections that are priced very reasonably and their milk prices can't be beat!

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We're in Sam Walton country so there is no way we'll get a Costco here. I miss it.

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We have both very close to us, but I only belonged to Costco previously, although I did get a Sam's membership about a month ago since I could get it for only $5. I admit I didn't use Costco very much although I did love their stuff. I'll have to see what I think about Sam's. I think we're going for the first time this week.
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We have costco and we love it. We "share" it with friends so it helps the cost a bit. We were just there yesterday and I got the Annie's organic fruit snacks for ds for this morning. Love their selection far more than sams although if we really needed something from Sam's my sister has a membership there so we are covered.

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We JUST got a Costco membership.  It definitely seems as if the Costco food offerings are much better than Sam's Club.  I like how they have a special seafood event once a month.

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I have heard that Costco is superior to Sams.  However, my company pays for a membership at Sams.  Otherwise, I think I would choose Costco too.

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We have Sams , I wish we had costco but Sams makes much more sense as we drive by it 3 times a week at least and Costco is completely out of our way.

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We don't have a Sams club so I can't really say.  I did want to suggest you check out BJs if there is one in your area.  I found that BJs has better choices than Costco and they accept manufacturer coupons and let you use your own credit card if you like.

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