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Do you compost?

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Do you compost?  If so, what method do you use?  Did you buy a container, build your own, or just dump stuff in a big pile?

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I put egg shells and coffee grounds around my plants, shrubs, trees and rose bushes.


But other than that, no.

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dh built a compost barrel.  You rotate it with a handle.  

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Tierra-Derco Eco Composter (625001)I have a compster that looks like a Darth Vader helmet.

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Used to and couldn't stand the fruit flies.  I had very good 'equipment' too that I got from Canada since where my inlaws live they HAVE to compost and they have to break everything down - glass; paper;aluminum, waste, food, plastic, and there are more 'levels' with each thing they have to break down - like cardboard goes here, paper goes here, etc.   They get Fined if they don't do it this way.  What a PITA!!!


Anyway I would freeze my food scraps to avoid fruit flies (my inlaws have to do that too - because community recycle comes once a MONTH!  Finally for what I got out of it I decided to simplify my life and use my garbage disposal.  I LOVE it.  Garbage disposals where my inlaws live are illegal!!!

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Our waste management company picks up compost in the green can weekly. We can put in all yard waste, food waste, and paper products like napkins, paper towels, paper plates, waxed beverage containers and paper take out containers.

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No, I have nothing to do with the compost and I can't handle that at this point in my life anyway.

When we visited my uncles in SF, they had green waste pick up and I was kind of jealous!
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