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Baking Cakes Ahead of Time

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If you're baking a special cake that takes time, for a birthday or a party, how far in advance can you bake it without it tasting stale or not fresh?  


I know you can freeze cakes, but let's say you bake on Friday.  Will the cake still taste good on Sunday or Monday?  Is there a good way to store them for optimum freshness?  What have your experiences been?

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Normally the day before!

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Big cakes like wedding cakes have to be refrigerated for a day or two - even frozen - otherwise they completely fall apart. I know two weddings where the volunteer baker wasn't experienced enough to know this and in both cases the cakes didn't make it to the reception. They were simply TOO fresh.


For a simpler cake, I'll make the cake layers the day before or even two days. After they're cool, I'll "dirty ice" them - put on the first layer. They can stay like this in the refrigerator or freezer for up to a week, especially if they are well wrapped. However, the cake will "tighten up". It won't have that fluffy, fresh-out-of-the-oven freshness.

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I'll bake ahead, wrap in plastic, and keep the layers in the freezer until the night before. Then I take them out to thaw on the counter. Freezing is the key imo, the fridge can make them stale. I don't make frosting ahead and I try to frost and decorate the morning of, or night before if I need to take it with me somewhere in the morning. Last time I did an evening frosting I went to bed at like 3 am, I like having a strict deadline now so I don't ever do that again lol

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