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Cigarette smoke to get rid of it???

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The mattress on our bed is in horrible, horrible we swapped it out for a mattress my Mom had at her house until we can get a new one. Nobody sleeps in that bed (the one we borrowed the mattress from), so we just put ours on there for looks and brought the other one home. Well....she smokes. I'm so grateful for a better mattress (no springs poking my butt tonight!!), but now my whole room reeks of cigarette smoke. How do I get that smell out of the mattress????
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I honestly don't think you ever will. DH quit smoking 1 1/2 yrs ago...we have moved...and I am still opening things that had been in closests, or the basement that smell of smoke (and he only smoke about 1/2 pack a day). When he quit, I washed down the main room he smoked in (our old office), washed the curtains, and cleaned the rug. After I still had to use a HUGE amount of Febreeze on it. It finally got to where you couldn't smell the smoke on the curtains. ( We did a major paint and overhaul cleaning on it again before we moved)

You can try this..but the Febreeze may just gas you out in the meantime. If it's semi warm(pain in the rear as it may be) I might take it off your bed and set it outside in the fresh air all day. This may help some...but I don't think you will EVER get it all out ~ or at least in the time it will take you to get a new one.

Oh - I also hear that the stuff they use on used cars to get the "car smell" back works great, but I don't know how expensive it is or easy it is to obtain.
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We are smokers here (i smoke outside though!), my DH will smoke in our room at night. For the most part I would try Febreeze (that's what I use)- i use the antimicrobial one. I have a whole system when I change our sheets ( I am a "little bit" anal about our bed )- 1 time a week I will take off all of our linens- vacuum our mattress, soak the bed with febreeze and open a window to "air out" our room (yes- even in the cold weather- I just shut our room off when it is super cold). I wash all of our linens in Tide with Febreeze and a little bleach- oh I also use Downy with Febreeze. By time our linens are done- the febreeze is dried- I then vacuum the bed again and I squirt some more febreeze (not as much as before- but enough to just cover the bed)- by time I get back again- for the most part it is dry when I start to put the linens on the bed. I also take our mattress out of the house at least 2x's a year to "air out" in the sun.

If you aren't like that with your bed (I know I go off the deep end with cleaning our bed)- i still recommend vacuuming it, febreeze it everytime you change your linens and maybe place a few dryer sheets between the mattress and box spring- even possibly between the sheets and the mattress. HTH!

Edited to add- I forgot to mention that I Febreeze both sides of our mattress (even the box spring). I perfer the Anti- microbial one- but the dollar store brand works in a bind. Also I burn candles in our room to help "eat" the smoke, when my DH smokes in there. I have heard that an open can of coffee helps eliminate the smell of smoke in a vehicle- not sure if it would work if you place it under your bed.
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walmart sells those candles that get rid of the smoke smell. My mom is a smoker and she uses those.

i just remembered that about 5 years ago we got a bed from my parents and at first it did smell smokey because they are smokers and had it for a while, but after febreving and changing sheets the smell did go away. ALSO, I would get a mattress pad to put on the mattress under the sheet. thats what we did and it made a huge difference when we first got it. i think it also depends how heavily the person smoked.
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not an immediate fix but if you put either cat litter or charcoal in a tub under your bed, it will eventually eat up the smoke smell
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Febreeze and an odor absorber in the room. They sell them at Home Depot & Lowes. I'm sure they have something like that at Wal-Mart too.

When we finished the old house a couple of years ago we stored Caitlin's matress at Dad's. Same thing happened to us. Took a lot of Febreeze & those odor thingys, but we got the smell out. I also put dryer sheets between the mattress pad & fitted sheet to help in the mean time.
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Febreeze or they have an odor eliminating spray (I can't remember the name of it)...

My MIL and I used to smoke in the house up until a year and a half before we moved...she smoked ALOT and I smoke about 3/4 pack a took forever to get the smell out of things!! We febreezed alot and I got the odor eliminators.

I'm still a smoker (she's not) but I only smoke outside...I can smell right away when I walk into a house that people smoke in and (believe it or not) I can't stand the smell! My goal this year is to give it up completely!! Nothing against smokers (I'm one too...) but it is such a nasty habit!!
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I'm so with you Momof4! I smoke too and can not stand the smell of smoke. I never cared for the smell of it- don't ask me how come I smoke either- out of pure stupidity I think-LOL !
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I have used lemon water ( take a lemon and squeeze into a spray bottle of water ) and sprayed on things and gotten the smell out of things. The acid in the lemon absorbs the smoke smell and wont hurt your bed when you wet it. I have found it may take a couple of tries if it is something big like a mattress. good luck and hope you get it off.
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So I have tried everything I have seen on the how to's to get cigarette smell out of my mattress and let me tell you I almost gave up. I was ready to throw away my mattress and sleep on the floor. Until today.... I went to my local vacuum center to pick up my vacuum and I asked the lady if she had anything that would get the smell out and she told me to try this stuff, its called "ODOR CONTROL SOLUTIONS, for the love of pets." It's kinda like crystles and I sprinkled it on the top of my mattress and let it sit for about 5 hours cause I figured I wasn't going to bed anytime soon and I just vacuumed it off and it does not smell of stale cigarettes anymore. I am really glad to cause I did not want to sleep on the floor. And the best part about it is that its all natural.

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