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Saving money while on a business trip

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Wednesday, 4 other teachers and I will be heading off to town to a conference. We'll get back late on Saturday. I'm excited to go, mostly because everyone needs a break once in a while, and this should be fun!

Anyway, we have to pay for our own meals, then we'll get reimbused later from the school. So that means I have to take cash. I want to be as frugal as possible with those meals. If it was just me, I'd just head off to fast food for the meals, to save money. But with 4 other people along, I'm sure we'll head to "actual" restaurants. I've already decided that I'll order water with my meals. On the rare occasions that dh and I go out, that's what I do anyway.

Last night, we were at Walmart, and I thought I'd just pick something up to pack in my bag. I wanted something that I could grab for a snack or breakfast. I found a box of Walmart-brand Pop Tarts for $1.25. They'll fit in the luggage, and there are 8 servings for $1.25. That's definitely better than stopping somewhere for breakfast.

Does anyone else have any other tips for saving money when going on a business trip? I don't have to worry about paying for the hotel; the school takes care of that. I just have to deal with paying for meals. Thanks in advance!
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All I can think of is Rachel Ray (though she's just annoying me now--she's just everywhere!) on her $40-a-day show. She alway says to ask the "locals" for good inexpensive places to eat, ask for specials, and ask for half-portions--especially since you're staying in a hotel and can't really take the leftovers home w/ you. I know I often times can't finish the large portions many restaurants serve and wind up w/ leftovers. Or maybe even split an entree w/ a coworker.

Have a safe and fun trip!
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One of the ways we try and save when we're on the road is to go to places where you don't need to tip. This includes fast food but also includes healthier places like cafeteria style places that have salads and sandwiches and stuff. This can save big time on your food bill. But when we do go to a place that has waiters, we tip well. IMHO, food servers don't make nearly enough money bor being on their feet all day dealing with cranky customers.
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Splitting entrees is one option. It depends, though, on how comfortable you are with your fellow teachers. Maybe you could even order three entrees between the four of you. It also means that you'll most likely split the bill, so if you get water and they get drinks. . .
Another option is to order an appetizer as your meal.
I've never used it, but I heard good things about, (I think that's it) where you buy a gift certificate at a reduced price.
Good luck. It's so tempting to overspend in situations like this, especially if you don't want to look really cheap.
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