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Many moms have young children and are up multiple times a night. They then are up at 6 or earlier to get ready for work, geet older kids up, etc.

I am not saying they aren't tired, but it's hardly uncommon. Sleeping in, naps, etc simply is not an option for a huge number of people.

It might not be an option, but we all have choices and sometimes earlier choices and decisions reflect on our options later.

Wouldn't make any difference to me though, I have the opportunity and I'm an awful napper and feel like cr@p if I even Could fall asleep in the middle of the day.
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Because my kiddos are older, I don't have to watch them constantly so I would have time to nap! Naps are great!
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I have felt awful today. Not sick but cranky, down with life. Not my normal safe. I ate a healthy breakfast, worked out at the gym which helped my mood a bit but not a lot. DH took the family to the movie and I laid down for ten minutes, I was so sleepy ... woke up two hours later. I still am waking up but I am guessing my mood will have changed for the better.

I love naps. smile.gif
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Yes, I do nap when I can.  Sometimes on the weekends, in the afternoon.  Sometimes, if I get tired enough, in the evenings...and will sleep most of the night.  I am a sleeper!  I don't think I could take a nap everyday makes me too tired and groggy..

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