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Frugal Tips for Spring

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What are you looking forward to doing this Spring to save money?


15 Frugal Tips for Spring

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Whenever these questions come up it's more like what am I NOT going to do.  We won't be taking a spring break trip.  We won't be buying entire spring wardrobes, just filling in where needed.  We save a lot of money by simply not buying things we don't need.

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Planting a garden (have it going now), taking advantage of weather to enjoy outside free entertainment.
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I'm looking forward to the SHORT window of time where we don't pay to either heat or cool our house. I love opening windows and letting fresh air in after the long winter. This winter especially has been brutal with heating bills. Unfortunately the length of time between when we shut off the furnace and my DH HAS to have the air conditioner turned on is short....but it's nice while it lasts! smile.gif
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Lower gas bills will be wonderful. I am just doubtful it will ever warm up this year!
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Open windows! Fresh air! The money saved on heating is just a bonus; I love having the windows open.
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I can't wait to turn off the heat during the day and open our windows. I love to open most of them in the 3 seasons room and then open the 2 doorwalls out to it for an amazing breeze.

We only buy the clothes we absolutely need. Both my Dds will probably need new swimsuits and my oldest will need some shorts and tanks.

No big trips planned here either with taxes and these crazy heating bills there is no way we could afford it.
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Walk younger dd to school.

Dry clothes out on the line. 

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Windows open furnace off and no a/c on.


hanging clothes on the line

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electric heat going off( been super $$$ this year)

windows open

clothes hanging out on the line again

getting veggie seeds sprouted and into the garden container pots

walking way more( way to cold/icy to go out at night for walks)

getting bikes out again

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