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Hanging clothes to dry

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Hanging clothes- it's one of those simple life things that really is not simple or easy. It definitely takes more time than using the dryer. I usually put the clothes in the dryer for ten minutes, then take them out and hang them. That really takes up some time- hanging items up only to take them down later, fold them and put them away.

With showing my house, I can't have clothes hanging everywhere, so I've been using the dryer more. Definitely quicker. But I miss my hang to dry routine, plus I like knowing it's easier on the clothes.

Any thoughts?
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I love air dry clothes! But, sorry no solutions for you- mine are everywhere! Once you get re-settled you'll be able to do it your way again. Good luck selling the house!
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I love the smell of air dried clothes and sheets. Dh doesn't like 'hard' jeans though so I put those through the dryer. In our neighborhood we aren't allowed permanent clothes lines but I just use foldable drying racks.

One the best things I used air drying for was cloth diapers! I would wash them first, then hang them up 'stain side facing the sun' and the sun would naturally bleach them out, no bleach or chemicals.

The thing I dislike about air drying is bird poop. Last year I the birds kept pooping on my sheets. :hurl: Then I'd have to throw them back in the wash again.
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I hang most of my clothes, but in the winter I'm limited to my laundry room. Thankfully it's big enough to hold a rack that will take most of two large loads.
I tend to put my jeans and tshirts in the dryer. The tshirts stretch too much if I hang to dry. Everything else for the most part gets hung.
It takes a little longer but for some odd reason, I enjoy it (or at least don't loath it, like say emptying the dishwasher)
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I hang quite a few clothes in the basement. Jeans, shirts of ds's I don't want to shrink. I hate hanger marks on some shirts. I'll hang thermal type shirts and sweaters upside down. When the clothes are dry I still put them in the dryer on no heat to toss them around so they are not that stiff.
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I like to hang many of clothes unless I get behind than its just to much to handle. I need to invest in a couple of drying racks. I currently use a line but I dont have a huge basement and its like an obstacle course walking around all those hung up clothes. Incentive is to just keep thinking how your electric bill will be lower and your clothes will last longer!!!!
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That is one simple thing that is just too complicated for me!! I do way too much laundry and dry pretty much everything!
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I have trouble line-drying because of my son's allergies. If the pollen gets in his clothes, his eyes get all red and itchy. Found this one out the hard way!
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I have to admit... I must have got this from my grandma... I LIVE to hang my laundary to dry...It is so just WOnDerFuL I love the way the clothes feel & smell it is one of my very simple pleasures in life ...
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Do you have a basement? Perhaps you could put a line in the basement if it's not to musty. One thing to watch out for with hanging clothes outside is bees and other insects not to mention pollen if your allergic. I do like hanging clothes outside but living in an apartment building it's difficult. We had a nice heavy duty clothes line but the neighbor's son decided he needed tha area to shoot his guns and since I didnt' exactly own the clothes line what could I really do? I always shake clothes out so they're critter free.
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