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Labor Before Scheduled C-Section

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Just a quick question. Have any of you ladies ever gone into labor before your scheduled C-section?

My Doctor stressed to me today that if I even think I am in labor I should call the hospital, tell them I am a c-section patient and then go in to be monitered. He says he wants to avoid having to rush the surgery. However, I DO NOT want to go to the hospital unless I KNOW I am in labor--not having braxton hicks or something along those lines.

Any experiences with this?
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I went into labor before a scheduled version. He was breech and I was 4 weeks early; they thought they had plenty of time. The morning after my 36 week appt I went into labor. Go in if you think you are in labor to get checked. I was calling to confirm my version & the nurse told me to come in because I was so short of breath. I just assumed the baby was sitting funny, having no idea I was in labor. By the time I got to the doctor's office, with 3 kids in tow, I was almost 4 cm dialated. I ended up with an emergency section and it wasn't fun.
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Yes, i went into labor 2 days before my scheduled c-section. I was like you and did not want to go to the hospital until i was absolutely SURE i was in full labor, because 2 weeks prior to the birth i had false labor and spent the night in the hospital all for nothing and i wasn't about to repeat that again!
It really is important to go immediately because it does mess up the surgical schedule for the day. Chances are you will be far enough along that they would just go ahead and fit you into the O.R. for your c-section if it's close to the scheduled day anyway.
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My water broke before my final appointment where they were going to schedule the c-section and it was noted on my chart that I am to have a c-section so they just told me to come in and got me prepped for a c-section instead of letting me go through labor which would have been unsuccesfull because Vanessa was breached!
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thanks for the input
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My water broke with Emily a week before her scheduled c-section, I was so shocked. It was 2:37 in the morning (the time her brother was born) we didn't get to the hospital until 4 am and by then I felt some contractions. They checked me in, made sure it was my water that broken, called my doctor. They then had everyone and their brother check me out! I swear every medical intern in a 2 mile radius came in to examine and poke or prod me! They had at least 2 interns watching the c-sction which didn't happen until 7:30 am since there was no emergency.
Good luck to you!
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i went into labor on Dec 22 ,09 I was due Jan 6, 09 and scheduled 12/31/09 I was monitored for 4 hours and begged them to let me go home. I was having contractions for 4 hours staright 3 mins apart lasting 1 min. I had them for maybe an hour before going in. I called and let them know I was comming same as your Dr said to do. The on call Dr was not my Dr but he was afraid to let me go home but I was a little to early for a c section unless my labor progressed. It didn't They all thought I was going to have my baby before my scheduled date but she wasn't ready to come but she was the am of my csection they gave me my spinal helped me lie back on the OR table and my water broke. Labor is diffrent for everyone that morning I was still having contractions but they were WAY diffrent they were sharp, hard and quick and not regular. Who would have thought.
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I am having other issues right now that complicate matters but have been told if I go into labor to call them immediately and they will just go ahead with the c-section. Most docs don't want you to do a trial of labor unless you're planning a VBAC and even if you are willing to attempt a VBAC before your surgery date, they want you there in case something happens.
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I went into labor twice with our first son and they were able to stop it easily and I went on to have a full-term cutie via c-section. I completely agree with going in to get checked as soon it feels like contractions. It's better to be safe then sorry.
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