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APRIL Mail Call

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Hello Ladies!! What cool samples or Freebies have you received so far this month??

I got the Biore sample that included the nose strip and some pore shrinking face lotion. I can't wait to try it!!
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Today I received several sample DVD's, 'The Adventures of Donkey Ollie'.
It is a very cute children's DVD My girl's are going to take the extras to school to hand out.

Kid's Movie - Free Christian Animation - The Adventures of Donkey Ollie - Christian Movie
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I have 3 tinies at home, so I don't get on often...but when I do I get the best ideas and links-thank you to everyone! My kids have loved the crayola freebies, and I just got somelaundry soap. I am excited for the make-up to come! Now if I could just get some free groceries and a cleaning person! Sorry dreaming again!

Thanks again for eveyone's hard work and sharing!
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Well, as April 1 is on a Sunday, I didn't get anything today, but March was interesting - I participate in product testing thru surveys. I got liquid fabric softener - full size, 2 boxes of baby wipes, 2 cans of hand and face wipes, facial cleanser cloths and I think a couple of other things - of course, I have to provide feedback on all, but it's so worth it!

On samples, I know I got more deoderant, a couple of dvds, and a few others, including Tasters Choice coffee samples - singles decaf and full. Awfully bitter, though.

April should be good!
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I got the Donkey Ollie DVDs today!! They are so cute- going to go to the kids at the church Easter egg hunt.

Also got some Walmart samples. Can't wait to see what else comes this month!
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Today I got the Almay lipstick sample!!
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Today I received that microsoft accounting cd. I am going to try it out this weekend.
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I got a Gillette Venus Breeze with a cartridge from I plan on packing it in my travel kit so that I don't have to pack the one in my shower everytime we go away
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Kelloggs 'Earn Your Stripes' Wristband
Tide Sample
Redwood Coast Brochure
San Diego Visitors Info
'Off Road Adventures' Magazine for DH
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I forgot to get the mail on Saturday, duh, so when I got it today, there was the Pantene Shampoo sample!!
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