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How often do you go grocery shopping?

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Hi ladies, I just would like to know how often do you all go grocery shopping and do you buy in bulk? I go the grocery store about every 2wks to do major shopping but then once a week to get stuff for my DH and daughters lunch. So you figure bi-weekly I am spending about $100 and then at least $40-50 a week. How can I curve that spending to me it seems like way to much.

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Usually every 2 to 3 weeks. I also go to Sam's club every 2 months or so.
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I go every other Thursday. Trying to break the habit of any stops in between... LOL
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I go once a week for groceries. I plan a menu out for the whole week & I see what they are serving for lunch @ dd school so I can plan for that in my grocery shopping. DH is able to come home for lunch so he usually has a sandwich or leftovers. There are times where we have to make those unexpected trips & I am trying to get rid of those. I try to spend $100 a week-wish I could get it lower. Hope this works!
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I go once a week, early Monday mornings. It's nearly empty then. I don't like crowds.
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I get Angel Food packages monthly. I use a 6 week rotating cycle of menus, I have shopping lists for each week. I browse the sale flyers, make a list of what's on sale where and get my coupons organized and then I shop -usually 2 stores. I go to Sams monthly to get certain things that are cheaper in bulk. I get my list ready during my lunch break at work.

I have been using the menu system so long now all I do is buy what's on sale and a few things like milk butter bread etc, my weekly amt is $50-$60.
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I usually go every Monday...and then once over the weekend. It just depends on what we're up to, if we're having people over, if I change what we're eating, want to try a new recipe etc

I do buy some things in bulk and hit Costco or BJ's every other month or so...
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I get food almost daily!! I spend WAY to much doing this!!
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I go to the natural market every 2-3 weeks. Eggs, milk, bulk foods and sometimes produce and deli. I go here usually on Saturdays's along with a Walgreens or Rite Aid stop on this same trip out.

I go to the normal grocery store on Sunday morning. I usuually go every week but sometimes I just don't want to go and we are fine just because I have a large stockpile and an extra mini freezer.

I spend too much, but it's just because I have a hard time passing up a good deal and thus have a rather extensive stockpile. I could decide not to shop at all for a few months and would only need to regulary buy milk and eggs.
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I do a big trip every two weeks spending about $200. Then I do a small trip one week later. Today, for example, was a little trip day. I spent $23 buying milk, eggs and fresh fruit, pb, etc.--basically just the stuff we ran out of. It is about $450 a month for our family of four, that includes all toiletries, diapers, etc. Sounds like a lot compared to some, but it is a HUGE improvement over the $700 a month I was spending up until January. I'm still looking for ways to cut back, obviously.
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