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Thanks ladies.

I know there are more of you so I am bumping this up!
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I am not currently involved with the military but my DH also enlisted right out of HS into the Army. We got married and for a brief period I got to share in his lifestyle. He has been out since Aug of 1990, but we still keep in contact with some who are serving. His years of service played a BIG part in who he is today.

I just wanted to Thank you all for sharing your SO's with the country, and Thank them for the peace they provide.
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My hubby is a Major in the USAF and has been in for 10 years now. After graduating from the AF Academy he went through all his training to become a helicopter pilot and loves it. It keeps him busy and we have fun following him from assignment to assignment. I'm really excited about this new forum and hope/know we'll have lots to chat about!
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My husband is in the Army National Guard, full time. He has been in 6 years, and plan to stay until 20. DH used to be a recruiter, but now he does funeral honors. We have already been through many deployments, and are facing many more.
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My dh is retired Navy (22 years), and my stepson is active duty Marines. I am VERY proud to be associated with the military!
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I hope it is okay that I join you guys. It seems everyone here is the wife (or ex wife LOL ) of a military person. I am not I am the sister of a service man. My little brother has been in the Army for almost 11 years. He has been to Japan, Korea, Texas, Germany, and right now California. I am not sure what his job title is but I know that he works on Tankers and is part of a Tanker crew. My little brother and I are only 10 months apart in age and are very close. We have just found out that he will be stationed somewhere in Iraq possibly as soon as June. I am having a really hard time with this as my little brother and I are very close and I worry about him every day. I hope that you all dont mind if I join you because I can already tell that I am gonna need all of your support and help with this. I am not sure what my brother will need from me but I want to be here for him and do what ever I can to support him. I am sure I will have lots of questions for you guys who are pros at this type of stuff.
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I hope it is okay that I join you guys.

I know the description says for Military Moms whose spouse is serving but I think the intention was for it to be more broad than that. I am actually a Military Mom because my son is serving in Iraq right now with the 2nd Infantry Division. I think we also have at least one mom who is currently serving in the military which makes her a true military mom.

Your fear is no less valid than the others on here because it is your brother serving and I hope others join me in welcoming you to share your story and your fears to gain the support these veterans of the military family can give you.

Gentle hugs to you as you prepare to send your beloved brother to Iraq.
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Originally Posted by Sandra-B View Post

Hi, I'm Sandra. My husband retired in 2000 after 20 years in the Navy. We were stationed in Thurso, Scotland (that's where I'm from), Pax River MD, La Maddalena Sardegna, Fort Gordon GA and Naples, Italy. We're now at Patch Barracks in Germany where Steve works for a contractor.

We met Christy and her husband in Naples.

Good to see you Sandra!

FYI: It was SANDRA who referred me to Mommysavers four years ago! Welcome back !
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Hi everyone- thanks for the link, Christy!

I am a SAHM of two boys- Brian (almost 2) and Clayton (5 months). DH is Active Duty AF, and starts pilot training next month. We live on base in Enid, OK. No one in my family is in the military, so I am learning as I go!

Have a great day!
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