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what are you anal about?

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by anal, i mean "extremely picky"...

i am very particular about how i put things on the counter at the grocery store. my dh just puts it all up ther willy nilly with no thought to unpacking and putting away later. i am meticulous--cold stuff together, boxes together, chemicals together, cans together, bread always last...

what about you?
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I am anal baout routines,
Everything has to be done in sequence and on time within time. can be cooking, grocery, even at work. I am starting to get worried about it now!.
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How the dishwasher is loaded
How groceries are put on the counter at the store
Wrinkles on clothing, not even the kids play cloths
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oh many things. Let see, I'm anal about the way everything looks, my pantry has to look very neat everything lined up right, in my closet, I have to have all the empty hangers on one side, and I have them coordinated by color, I don't let ANYONE fold ANY of my laundry b/c I have to fold the everything in a certain way (it just fits in the drawers/closet in a certain way), All the shoes have to be lined up in the coat closet. There are so many. And funny thing, now both my boys are beginning to be like their mommy.
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lets see,
the pantry, how the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher, the way the towels are folded. those are my most anal things I have others but these are the ones that really get me.
Hubby on the other hand is anal when it comes to the grocery store, the ways we walk the aisles, we go down them even if we don't need anything down it, ie: the baby aisle we haven't need diapers in 3 yrs, and the way he unpacks the groceries at checkout. There is no point in helping becasue he will redo it.
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Crumbs on the kitchen counter, on the kitchen table, on the floor. Anywhere....
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My craft room, my pantry :D and eating anywhere in the house other than the kitchen or backyard!
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my cabinets have to be neat and orderly. Dh thinks I'm nuts because that's why they have doors, so they don't have to be. But it drives me insane if it's a mess in there.
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My desk, I hate it when hubby leaves his stuff there.
Also, the coffee table. I hate being the one to clean it everyday, but I can't look at all the stuff piling up on that either.
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I can't stand rugs w/ fringes on the ends. If the fringes aren't straight, it drives me insane.
I am very particular about the way my laundry is done, I always do it in a certain order:

White, Light colored clothing, dark colored clothing, jeans

I like my house to be very clean, especially the carpet and the bathrooms.
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