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Bachelorette Party ideas for pregnant bride?

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I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a bachelorette party for a pregnant bride. On top of that, the bride isn't very girly and more organic hippie type.

The only thing I could think of was a "spa" day, but me and my SIL are kind of limited financially and don't know how much this would run us. Plus she is getting married at the end of the month so we don't have much time. Any ideas?
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Do one with an organic hippy theme, non alcoholic of course. Teas and health foods, gifts that are eco friendly, made from all natural materials etc. I have an organic hippy type female co worker, I will ask her tomorrow for some ideas and get back to you.
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This was in a DailyOM email. I think it is a very cool idea. If you search for Blessing Way, you can do the ceremonies for just about anything.

July 20, 2005
Honoring Life Changes
Blessing Way

A Mother Blessing is a ritual adapted from the traditional Navajo ceremony known as a Blessing Way. Mother Blessings fill a gap in western celebrations surrounding birth. Whereas a baby shower celebrates the coming of the child, a Mother Blessing celebrates the woman's passage into motherhood. Friends-generally all women, but not always-gather to give their support to the mother as she approaches one of the most intense experiences of her life. A Father Blessing is also a wonderful idea especially during a time when fathers can be feeling a little left out.

A Blessing Way ceremony can be given in honor of anyone going through a major life transition. From graduating high school to turning 50, significant life changes deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated. Many of our traditional ways of recognizing these transitions have become hollow, often dominated by consumerism. A Blessing Way is less about giving gifts and more about communicating from the heart, offering words of encouragement and inspiration to buoy the guest of honor in the face of major change.

Often at Mother Blessings, each participant brings a bead to give to the mother, and a necklace or bracelet is made for her. Each person presents their bead to the mother and says something of what they wish for her journey-strength, courage, or a sense of humor, for example. They can also give their bead in honor of a quality she already has that they believe will make her a good mother. This way she leaves the ritual with a magical talisman imbued with the loving energy of her community. She can carry this into labor or hang it over her baby's crib as a reminder of the strength she carries within and the love surrounding her. The same idea can be adapted to fit Blessing Ways in honor of retirement, a new job, a major move, or even a divorce.

If someone you know is approaching a momentous rite of passage, organize a Blessing Way in their honor. Or, if you need one, ask for one. It could become a beautiful new tradition in your community of friends and family.
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How many people will be invited? How pregnant is she?
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I'd just take her out to dinner
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I would also do dinner, but at a out-of-the-way place (not a chain restaurant) that has a private room and it will be special. I wouldn't turn it into a baby shower - she'll get that later, this is to celebrate getting married. I went to one low-key bachlorette party at a fondue restaurant and it was great. Everyone really has a chance to talk with something like fondue being served. (BTW - I don't think it is your responsibility to pay - just let people know in advance what the average cost is.) If you wanted to do something like that at home, you could borrow enough fondue pots - have it at someone's house that has a big table. Cheese fondues and then chocolate dessert fondues. YUM!

Get a small scrapbook and ask each guest to complete a page about why they love her. With so much going on in her life right now - marriage and a new baby - she might love to get a book about why she is so wonderful. Again - make it about the marriage - not the baby right now.

If you wanted guests to bring gifts, you could still go with a "pampering" theme - let people know what her favorite smells/fragrances are, maybe cute summer pj's that still sexy for pregnant chicks! Have fun! What a good friend you are to do this for her!
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Thanks. I agree on making it just about the marriage. The baby stuff will come later. She isn't due until September.

I REALLY like the fondue idea. I will have to check and see who would be interested. The fondue place here is pretty expensive. But, she will only get married once!
I was also thinking maybe just doing brunch somewhere and maybe having mimosas (sp?) and she could have a very light one if she wanted it. But it would have to be somewhere different and special! Thanks for the ideas. I was stuck but now my brain is moving!
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I wanna be invited to the Fondue party! LOL
Have a great time!
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