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Best Brand of Paint for Interior Walls?

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I was wondering who can suggest the BEST paint that they know of for interior walls.
I want something that has a nice finish that cleans well and holds the color.

I am against all Flat paints...usually I use Eggshell, Satin, or Semi-Gloss.
I have used the Generic Ultra paint from Menards (not good!)
I have also used Baer paint from Home Depot. (supposed to be good, but not completely impressed when used with darker colors.)

I am most curious about Porter Paints and Sherwin Williams.
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I've used the Ralph Lauren paint from Home Depot and thought it was great. I used a blue and only had to put a second coat on a couple of spots. It was kind of expensive but really good paint.
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We've had good luck with Behr, Benjamin Moore and Restoration Hardware Paints.
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When you used the darker colors, did you use a tinted primer first? Darker colors generally take more coats no matter the paint brand, but using a tinted primer will help. I've painted walls red & navy blue and they both took 2 more coats than the other colors. I have always had good luck with Behr paint & Valspar (from Lowes).
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I agree with the Primer advice, it makes all the difference. I love Olympic (lowes brand) and swear by it. Also Ralph Lauren is great, but it is pricey (I check out the unwanted paints forst for $5, that's how I stumbled onto Ralph paint).
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Sherwin Williams has good paint a little more expensive but it washs well! We have tried Home Depot and were not impressed.
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I can't stand Behr paint. I really don't know how they stay in business.

I tend to use the paint at True Value hardware stores. They were rated lower by Consumer Reports a few years ago but I still think it is a very good paint - washes well, doesn't splatter when applied, spreads evenly, etc. We've had some success with WalMart paints and they were rated very high by CR.

I agree that you absolutely need someone who knows how to mix your color. A dark paint must have a 'deep' base otherwise the tint will water down the paint too much. If you're going to use a difficult color - yellow, red, dark blue - go with a deep base anyway.
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I like KILZ paint from Wal Mart, it washes very well and is priced well for paint. I use the satin finish for the walls and a semi or high gloss for the trim and doors. Have fun painting.

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we tend to get Behrs and go for Eggshell!! we are in the process of paingint our basement as we just added a room there and need to paint ther enow!!
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Signiture from Lowe's. It has the most pigment to base ratio so has the best coverage. I have used litterally dozen's of brands of paint, but when I read the comparison I tried the Signiture brand and it was the best I had ever used. Most people don't have the the opporunity to use that many brands, but when you paint for other people, you can try all sorts of things before pouting it on your own walls.
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