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MyPoints Rewards Visa?

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Does anyone have a credit card that gives you rewards for spending money? If so, what kind is it? I am looking into getting a credit card with rewards but not sure which one has the best rewards. I saw this credit card on the MyPoints website. Does anyone know about this card? Is it worth getting?
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I don't know about the MyPoints Visa, but do like the rewards just from their e-mails

Dh has a Regals Mastercard to support his movie habit adn that is awesome- as long as you pay the balance off in a timely manner.

We also have a rewards card through our bank (USAA) and get cash back every year.

I really like our cards- DH has earned a lot of free movies/concessions from his card. I think the catch is to be sure and keep it paid off every month so you don't pay interest. Our USAA card is great interest, but the other is a bit higher and I figured its b/c they ahve to pay for all those rewards they send.

Just do your research and see what works best for you. Good luck!
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Chase has credit cards that give rewards. The good thing about Chase is they offer you a rewards card even with the money you spend on your debit card. I have a Rewards and a United Mileage through them. So if you use your debit card as a credit transaction you get to earn points. It is great!!!
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Here are some more:

Delta Sky Miles

NWA World Perks Visa
offers a 7,500 mile bonus when you sign up

Hilton Honors Platinum Card

The Nest
Start out with a great nest-warming gift - 5,000 Membership Rewards® points the first time you use the Card1, which can be redeemed for a $50 gift card.

One from American Express
Get $50 to jump-start your savings after your first purchase

Some of these can actually be a really good deal if you have the discipline to pay off your credit card balance off every month!
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As with any CC, if you can pay it off in full at the end of themonth, it's worth it! The mypoints one I have been looking at b/c I love mypoints and do shop through it and have redeemed lots of points through the years, so if that is something you do, it may be worth it...HTH a little!
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