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Proper Attire for Off-Broadway Musical???HELP!

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I really need your help ladies! My DH and I have been invited by some new friends of ours to an off-broadway musical called All Shook Up. It's going to be at the Fox theater in Atlanta...

OK..we never go to anything like this...what is the world do we wear??? I don't want to look like a country bumpkin (which I am!)....any suggestions??

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I've worn things like long skirts, dress shirts, dress shoes, nice jewelry, evening purse (or better yet no purse at all) - things you'd wear to a nice wedding or baptism. The one thing I've noticed is people seem to wear darker colors.


Enjoy the show!
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IMO, every place has gone very casual - I'm sure you'd be fine in anything considered "business casual" - nice slacks or skirt & a nice top. Your DH could get away with Khakis & a golf shirt probably. Or a button down with a blazer perhaps?

I bet half the audience will be in jeans, but I usually prefer to be just a little dressed up. But, most of all - HAVE A GREAT TIME!
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My dh and I usually go casual to the off broadway shows we attend. Sometimes I wear slacks with a nice top and other times I wear jeans with a nice blouse. Not too many people dress up for these least not to the ones I've been to. If it's a Broadway show then we dress nicer You could try calling the theatre and finding out too.
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Thank you ladies so much....I think I'll go with a casual dress...I don't get a reason to dress up very often...but I still want to be comfortable...

Thanks again!
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When all else fails, the Little black dress would work.
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When we saw Phantom of the Opera in Tampa a couple of years ago at christmastime, night time performance, I wore black slacks with a red satin sleeveless top with a sheer red embroidered blouse over, with low heels and for the most part I was overdressed. I was actually appalled at people showing up in jeans & sneakers.
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