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The Frugal Bathroom...

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What are some great ways of being frugal in the bathroom?

Post your ideas here. They don't have to be things you actually do. Someone might think one of your ideas are great!

Here are a few to get us started.

You know you have a frugal bathroom when you ....

Wash towels once a week (They are just drying off clean bodies anyways.)

Or better yet, air dry.

Share a shower with dh.

What are some of your ideas for being frugal in the bathroom. It doesn't matter how wild and crazy they are. List them here and we'll see what kind of a list we can get.
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This is pretty basic i'm sure, but when you get down the last of your shampoo/conditioner bottles, flip them upside down and you can usually get a few more washes out of them. Also, don't keep your bar soap (if you use bars) where it collects water in the dish... keep it where it stays dry and doesn't dissolve away while you shower.
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I don't buy special cleaner for my toilet bowl. I just use the brush multiple times throughout the week and it stays pretty clean.

Keep an old washcloth for wiping water off the edge of the sink everyday.

I use baking soda to scrub the bathtub and I mix a little bleach with water in a spray bottle to go after mildew.
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I only buy bar soap 2 maybe 3 times a year and only when on sale and I have a coupon. When I buy my soap, I immediately take it out of the boxes and put them on my shelf in my linen closet. This dries them out and hardens them so they don't dissolve away in the shower. They lather up well, but don't get soft and they last 2 to 3 times as long. I buy the big multi packs of the Dove for sensitive skin roughly 2 maybe 3 times a year and only when on sale and I have a coupon and I buy them far enough ahead so the sit out at least a month before I begin to use them. I figure I spend less than $20 a year on soap, almost half what I was spending before I found out about this trick.
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I keep a spray bottle of 1:10 bleach/water solution in my bathroom. That's used to clean the shower and the toilet.

I water down conditioner and put in a spray bottle. Rather than conditioning my hair in the shower, I'll use the watered down version as a leave in conditioner.

Weather premitting, I close off the central-air vents and open the bathroom window to dry out, rather than running the fan.
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I buy everything from Big Lots. I can get 6 rolls of tp for 99 cents. I also hit the discount and clearance bins. (at Big Lots) I do this for everything from soap and shampoo to feminine products. Even if they don't have any clearance that day, I still get really great deals!
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-I use Dawn dish soap to clean the tub, toilet and sink with
- I spray down the shower doors daily with Vinegar and also the mirror.
- I only buy toothbrushes and toothpaste when i can find them on sale and usually with a coupon. I have about 20 toothbrushes and about that much toothpaste and best part about both was i literally spent pennies on each.
-I buy the thickest towels that i can because they last longer. ( i have had the same towels for almost 9 yrs!)
- i only buy white towels and wash rags because they go with everything ( pretty much) and that away when i change the decor i don't have to buy all new towels. I also like white because if they are really dirty i can bleach them and they are good has new!
- Oh only take a bath once a week- saves on water!!
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This is probably stating the obvious, but here goes

* Those toothpaste things really work - the ones where you slide the tube through the slat and roll up as you go... it gets out every last drop!

* Don't gross out, but I have stopped using deodorant altogether! In the summer I may use it, but honestly there's been no reason all winter and so far this spring. My mom has never used it (she never sweats!)

* DH brings home the unused samples from the hotels he stays at each week... we have so many little bottles and bars of soap I'm kinda embarrassed... but he uses them.

* I use the prior day's hand towel (instead of paper towels) to clean the mirror and countertops and faucets each morning, so I never really have to use cleaner and/or scrub or take a lot of time to clean.

* I keep my make up routine and hair routine fairly simple. I don't get attached to brand names, so I'll use cheap lipstick, any brand face powder, mascara etc... (dh gets all this free at Walgreen's after rebate.)

* Clean the vent filter on your hair dryer - it will last forever.

* We use up the last bit of every shampoo, conditioner or liquid soap.

* Disposable razors last quite awhile if kept in a dry area.

* I don't use any disposable make up removers... plain ol' soap and washcloth here.

* I use Windex to clean the toilet/rim/base/floor/seat rather than more expensive toilet cleaners/wipes.
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scouring powder works great for cleaning in the bathroom (even the toilet!) and it is really cheap!!! I do not have a bathroom fan (we just open the door), or a hair dryer or makeup!!!! All unneccessary expenses to me!!! I buy giant packs of toilet paper. I buy huge things of q tips at sams and put some in a different container for use. I buy the biggest packs of Ivory bath soap I can find. My bath towels last for years. Who cares what they look like as long as they dry nicely!!!
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I apologize for the length, but I thought I would give explanations.

Razors/shave gel: Most of my dozen or so razors (3 or more blades) came from freebies. I did get a four pack for $1 after sale price and coupon. The two cans of gel I have I got for free, after sale price and double coupons. (They were on sale for $2 and I got them during super double coupons and I had two $1 coupons. In winter, I don’t shave. In summer, I shave just a few times a week, so I’m stocked for life.

Shampoo/Conditioner: When I was packing to move, and when I unpacked, I discovered that I have a zillion little bottles of shampoo and some bottles of conditioner that my husband and I have collected from hotels. I also asked my mom for her collection, telling her why I wanted them. I had planned on buying a big bottle of Suave conditioner to go with them, but Walgreens had Garnier Fructis conditioner, the 20 oz. Size free after rebate. I also have some bottles of Dove shampoo/conditioner, and Garnier Fructis shampoo/conditioner and a bottle of Suave shampoo/conditioner. The Dove and Garnier Fructis were both about a dollar after a one dollar coupon and sale price. The Suave was about $.66 after sale price and coupon. Yay.
I also have a couple of large bottles of Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo and conditioner that I got when my parents and I (and my dad’s brother and wife and my uncle’s daughter) spent a week last fall cleaning out my dad’s parents’ house. (I think I got another bottle of Suave from there, too. I have a flower scented one, but I don’t remember from where I got it.) I also have some Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner that I rescued from the Dumpster last summer. A neighbor moved and she had more stuff than car, so I (a Dumpster diver) spent my birthday afternoon cleaning out the stuff. Happy birthday to me.

Soap: Most of the little bars I have also came from hotels. I have a liquid hand soap bottle filled with body wash from different bottles. Either small ones from hotels, or just stuff I had. I also added some hand soap, too and some water, I think, to thin it out. I’m using the bars and saving the body wash for when I’m bigger (I’m five months pregnant with our first child) and when I probably don’t want to stay in the shower long. (I’m also saving the shampoo/conditioner combos for then and for after the baby’s born and I don’t think I’ll have much time in the shower. They’re also good for when I’m visiting my in-laws or parents and don’t want to stay in the shower long. I’ll probably take a little sample bottle of body wash that I have with my on vacation, just to make things easier.)

Deodorant: I have about three new sticks that I got for no more than $1 after sale price and coupons. I also have several trial size ones (mostly Dove and Degree) that were freebies. (I also have a stick of Suave that I got in NYC a couple of summers ago. It was the most I’ve paid for deodorant, but walking in NYC in June did not mix.)
I also don’t wear deodorant in winter, unless I think I “need” it. When I do, I usually put on the Suave, since I don’t care for the smell; it smells too much like deodorant. I use it in summer when I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere. I save the pretty smelling stuff for when I’ll be going out.

Somehow, in my adult life (and I’m 29) I’ve collected four hair dryers. The one I use, an ion one, I also got from my birthday Dumpster dive. The one I was using before that, a basic Clairol one, I bought at a rummage sale for two or three dollars. I’m not sure about one, and another one, (a good travel size but would suck in my hair), my MIL got me at Wal-Mart one day after Thanksgiving for $5. At least two are going in my rummage sale.

Makeup: I have some creamy foundation in a compact (I don’t know the brand) that I got at Walgreens, free after rebate. I also have some lipstick that I just got last week at Walgreens; it will be free once I send in the receipt. I’ve not decided if I’m going to get any of the other offers for this month.

Rythlynx: I like your conditioner idea. All that I have is free, but I gotta make it last longer to put off purchasing more.
Mom23: I’m going to try that with my bars of soap, they’re free too, but I want them to last too.
Cleaning: I have some Mr. Clean cleaner that came with the house. Actually, I filled up the bottle of Mr. Clean that I found with my Dumpster dive. I poured the concentrate into the bottle and thinned it out. It still stinks, but I open the window in both the bathroom and kitchen (where I turn on the exhaust fan) to help with the fumes.

I think that covers it.

I am proudly cheap.
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