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My outrageous electric bill

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Would someone be able to explain to me why for the last 2 months our electric bill has been $3 hundred and some dollars (which was not at all accurate) and this month it was only $10.12 ?
We will be calling the electric co. tomorrow.
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I used to work for an electric company and either your meter was read wrong this month or your meter could have not been working properly. Or it was misread by the meter reader a couple of times and finally it just caught up. It could be a number of things but definately call the electric company.
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Our bill is estimated based on the previous year usage for that month. An elderly lady had owned the house before we bought it - she had little lights in every window on from dusk to dawn, she left the porch and driveway lights on all night, night lights in every room, ran the dryer year round, and had the heat set about 10-15 degrees higher than we do. The bils for our first year were $150-$225 every other month (estimated reading) then the actual reading months it was less than $20. Now in our second year our bills run about $30 a month in the winter and $75 in the summer due to A/C.
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Sounds to me as if they estimated your bill. Call your Public Service Commission and find out how often they can do it where you are at. Our electric company claims they do not ever do that here, but just this last December they sent us a bill for 250.00, which is twice our normal bill. When I called to enquire, I was informed that they do not estimate, that the average bill in this city runs around 150. to 175. and that 250. was not out of line for a family of 6. (Out of line to who, those who collect the money?) Interestingly, I got January's bill and it was for .17. It cost them more to mail me that bill than to just let it ride for another month. Even funnier was I decided not to cut them a check for that amount and would just let it carry over til the next month. Well they sent me a disconnect notice a week after it was due for the .17. Talk about desperate.

A call to the PSC though revealed that even though the electric company says they never estimate, they do more often than not, however they do have to actually read our meters once every 3 months.
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My mom had that happen when my sis and her family moved out. The next month,they estimated her bill and even put that statement on her bill. She called the electric co. and they said the meter reader was out sick and that's why it was estimated. They asked her to go read the meter and she only paid her actual usage that month. Those electric companies will just rob you, I swear!
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most companies do estimate some months if your bill is huge then call most will let you read the meter and only charge you the amount you used....also have them check your meter ours was going bad and they put a new one on and then i had consistant bills.
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Does it say on your bill it was estimated? If not definitely call them and ask about it, sounds like that may be what happened. Ours states when it's estimated and when the meter is actually read, but it's rarely estimated. It even says on our bill we can read it ourselves and call it in so they don't go by last year's figures.

We were a little startled to say the least when we got our bill for Feb, it was more than twice what our Jan bill was. After reading the bill we saw it was estimated because it was due to be read the day we had a huge snowstorm, so they base the estimates off of last year's service...and we didn't live here then! So the next month it was only $18 because they had overestimated so much.

Our gas bill is up and down from month to month as well, because they estimate every other month. We've even had a credit on it a couple months!

Hope you find out this is what happened and you get a low bill next month to make up for it!
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How is it even legal for them to charge you an estimate? I wonder if our company does that. Insane. I want to pay for what I use, not what they think I used.
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We had an October Surprise and the storm wreaked havoc with the electric out here- Our first couple of bills were 200.00 and we had power.
People on next street over were without power for 2-1/2 weeks and charged 300.00.

Bills were estimates and they evened outby March.
I'm more scared if this Summer turns out to be as HOT and HUMID as they
are forecasting 90's+ . DH needs AC for Medical reasons.
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I had recently switched electric company to get a better deal with our kWh rates. Our first bill was a 14 day billing cycle and it states that we used 287 kwh. Now I just got my next bill in and it jumped to 4227 kwh used. Our first bill was $58 and now our second bill is $584. I called the electric company to try and tell them that I think something is wrong with our meter but they insisted that it was fine. I asked them to send someone out to do a re-read on the meter but they kept on insisting that it was accurate. I finally asked to speak to a manager and they send me to the "Customer Service Line". I had to explain again why I believe my bill was incorrect and yet I did not get any help. Within that 32 days of the billing cycle we did not use our A/C. My house is only 1100 sqft. I did not add any new appliaces or used the A/C so it shouldn't have jump that high. Could anyone tell me if there is something I can do to get my bill adjusted or to get help with this?
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