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My engagement ring is GONE

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I took off my rings at the gym yesterday (as I have done before) and forgot to put them on when I left. I was the last customer yesterday. I realized it around 9am this morning and called up there. Well, my wedding ring (plain gold band) is exactly where I said it would be, but my blue sapphire/diamond engagement ring is GONE! I am just sick!

They have checked to see who was in there after me yesterday and today and there is only 8 people including employees. They promised to talk to everybody who was there after me until they found the wedding ring. We searched the entire place hoping it fell on the floor. The girl that closed yesterday is a college student in class so I am praying that she found it on the floor and put it somewhere without telling them.

I am just sick about this, but it is all my fault! I am beating myself up about it quite a bit and dh is being really great about it. He keeps pointing out we have our health, it isn't like one of the kids is missing, our house is fine, etc., etc., etc., but it isn't making me feel any better.

Please say a prayer that it is found. I offered a reward for it in my sign at the gym. I have been in tears about it all day. I even cried at the lawyer because I can't leave that for my dd now.
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I lost mine years ago...and about a week later, they turned up in the oddest place. I had men working on my bathroom at the same time..and I really wonder if one of them took the ring and then got cold feet..putting it back in the odd spot. Regardless, I was so thrilled that it turned up. I will pray for yours to, also.
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Oh Claire! I hope it turns up. I can only imagine how upsetting that is!!
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My tummy turns for you just reading this. I hope that you find it.
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I am so sorry. I hope someone has a change of heart and returns it, or that it was simply dropped and someone is honest. Thinking of you..
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I really hope you find it!!! Ill keep you in my prayers, and keep us posted..

I hardly ever wear mine.... I keep mine in my jewelry box most of the time...I only wear mine when DH and I go out...
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My mom had the same type of thing happen at a hotel in SF a few years ago. She was convinced that a hotel employee had taken it. My mom ran an ad in the local paper asking whoever took it to return it...she provided her address and said that no questions would be asked. A few weeks later it was returned. It was her mother's engagement ring, so it really made her sick to think of never getting it back.

Maybe you could post a sign at the gym like the ad my mom posted in the paper...just a thought.

Hope you get it back!
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I hope that you find it. I'll keep you in my prayers. Believe me I understand. My wedding ring had to be replated after coming home from Hawaii and I was in tears b/c dh wasn't even home yet. So I can't even imagine how upset I'd be if I lost it.

Maybe you could start taking them off in your car. That's what I used to do. I had a special container and I'd just take my jewelry off before I even went it.
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Thanks. I already posted a sign with a description and "reward" written on it in big letters. I usually don't wear my rings to the gym, but I had them on since it was Sunday and we had gone to church.

I just feel sick. I just went through their vacuum cleaner bag.
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I know this will not replace the sentimental value but I know we have a rider on our homeowner's policy for my ring if I ever lose it or it gets stolen. I am not sure but there is probably something in your home owners policy that covers jewelry up to a certain amount - it would not hurt to check. I am so sorry.
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