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I just got the Secret clinical deodorant sample and a head and shoulders sample yesterday! Starting the month off well!
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I got my sample Secret Clinical strength deodorant/anti perspirant, and a curel lotion sample and
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Yesterday and today I got the Slim-Fast Guide Book, Snuggle Sample, New Parents Pack which included coupons for free Listerine, Pediacare, Purell Hand Sanitizer, and Desitin. I also receive One if By Land, Two if By Sea- $35.00 off coupon to dinner. I love this site and am starting off good. All of the above mentioned I got in less than two weeks.
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Okay, prepare to be jealous! I had a BANNER day today.

I received:

Speed Stick 24/7 Deoderant
Dr Phil's Weight Loss Challenge (I earned filling out surveys on
The tote itself is nothing to write about, but inside I got
a certificate for a Free Bra
A certificate for free L'occitane Lotion
L'occitane lotion and Fragrance samples
a Full size Johnson's meltaway stress lotion
A Quaker cookie
4 soy joy bars
A snack size package of almonds
Nexxus Shampoo, conditioner, Heat Protexx & travel bag
Sample of Aveeno Sunscreen
Travel Aquafresh Extreme Clean
Sample Eucerin Calming Creme
Quaker Quakes sample
Small bottle Jergen's lotion
Small bottle St. Ives lotion
Sample Dior fragrance
2 Hallmark cards
sample Clarins Instant Smooth

Totally worth waking up at midnight for !!!!!!
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Ban deodorant (I'm loving it so far!!)
Always with wings
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Yesterday I got some aquafresh toothpaste and some dial soap.
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I got some dove creme oil body wash yesterday.
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Yesterday I got:
Speed Stick 24/7 Deoderant
A bar of Dial Soap
Post it notes
Sun Crystals
Dove body wash
Aquafresh toothpaste
a bunch of bulb/seed and gardening catalogs
Frizz Eaze
Advil PM
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Today we received Scholastics How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon...Move Free Advanced....Dove Energy Glow Sample...Alavert....Slim Fast Weight Loss Success Guide!!!
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quattro razor
olay definity
dove body wash
soy bars
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