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My MIL is wonderful. She respects me and my roll as mother to my kids. She's known me since I was 16, so she basically watched me grow up! I really wish my IL's didn't live 600 miles away. We talk no the phone several times a week and often calls me on her lunch break just to chat. She works at The Children's Place mostly just to be able to shop for my kids, she practically clothes them herself. She saves us tons of money, but I always tell her she doesn't need to buy so much for them. I'm very lucky!
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I love my MIL. She does so much for us but sometimes she does step over the bounds and tries to tell us what to do. My DH is good at telling her she's gone to far and she does back off.

Sorry you have such a miserable MIL. I hope your kids don't listen to her and don't sink to her level and talk bad about her to them.
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Let's just say the ONLY thing that didn't break my heart when we moved last year was the fact that we put 7 more hours between mil & us. 'Nough said!
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Okay my MIL and I have a pretty good relationship. She really means well, its just so goes about it in the wrong way sometimes. A lot of it has to do with the way her family is and she just doesn't realize I'm not that way.

She gets a kick out of causing trouble sometimes and everyone else is used to it and it just rubs me the wrong way sometimes. Especially the snide remarks she makes to and about dh. But she really does mean well when she meddles, I just don't need help. But it could be because we live just down the street from them right now and once we live a bit farther away and I'm not preggo I'm sure we'll get along better.
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my MIL is good, she watches the little on (2yrs old) all day, then FIL puts ds#2 on the bus and off every day. He goes a half day, so he is home half day. they keep the house clean and my MIL knew i was swamped this week she even did my laundry yesterday! they have lived with us for about 5yrs, my fil has lived with me since I got married! 10yrs!
They are old 85 and 70, but they are good, they do drive us nuts with their stubbornness and medical issues, but I couldnt work without them!
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At first I really liked my MIL- but lately- I can not stand the woman- I hate using the word hate- but it is at that point- especially after yesterday. She is so disrespectful of my little family- she shows favoritism to the other grandchildren, only calls my dh when she needs something- the only time we see them is if we go over there (meanwhile they spend all weekend visiting their other children). She totally ruined my dd's slumber party by tricking my DH into something that he can not get out of now! Now my FIL- I like him for the most part- except that since he had heart surgery- he does not do a single thing and expects DH to do it all for him (even take their garbage out!).

I really had no problem with her when we first got together but after we were together after 8 years (1 child and living together)- we decided to finally get married when I was pregnant with our youngest. After we got married was when the problems started happening! Is there a way to just divorice your in laws?
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I can't stand mine - she is not a good person. The good part is that we rarely, if ever, have to deal with her and our children don't even know that she is their grandmother. We decided that is was better to only have one set of grandparents who truly love you. They truly have no interest in the kids, couldn't tell you which girl is which and stay out of our lives. If you have to get stuck with a lemon for a mil, I think I have it pretty good, because we don't have to deal with her or fil on a regular basis.
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I am very lucky in regards to both my inlaws. They are crazy about our kiddos and keep them overnight at least once a month. We did have to live with them for about 3 months, and that about killed our friendship, but we've mended and are back on great terms. My only complaint is I'm not a great housekeeper, but my MIL is, and I feel inferior to her in that respect. But I figure after 14 years, I have a right to a messy house if I have one.
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Wow, I wish I had the same kind of MIL that some of you have! I guess mine isn't that bad. She doesn't criticize me (outright anyways) but she is one of these people that always has to make suggestions or let you know how she does/would do something. I am the kind of person that starts to feel like I'm being criticized when I'm given a lot of un-asked for advice or when someone makes too many suggestions (when I want them I will ask for them). My hubby thinks I am overly sensitive. I've just never felt very welcomed by her (and DH and I have been together almost 8 years). She just has a personality that conflicts with mine. Oh well, she does love my daughter and that's a good thing.

I get along great with my FIL (they are divorced) and his wife and all of DHs other relatives. Must be a MIL thing!
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I am actually closer to my MIL than I am to my own mom. I actually call my MIL mom and call my mother yup you got it MOTHER! LOL I am so close to her that sometimes I think that we get on each others nerves. But we have come to an understanding and if we are starting to irk each other we feel close enough to just say it. My FIL and hubby work together in thier own business and we see them at least two or three times a day. Now dont get me wrong we do get irratated with each other sometimes but I truelly believe that it is because we all care so much about each other that we just care to much KWIM? Now my parents that is another story, if I didnt have to see them once a year it would be to much for me. LOL
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