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Did you have any problems with delivery? Or more bleeding as the baby moved down? I am just a couple weeks from my due date and woke this morning with bleeding (which I have had all along off and on too)and what feels like it could be contractions or just cramping. Baby is still moving and the cramps come and go like irregular contractions. Thanks
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no problem at all. My son is 2 yrs old now and so far no problems at all neither during or after. Good luck..
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I am 6 weeks pregnant or maybe 10 weeks, I'm not sure because I just went to the doctor yesterday and she stated that I had cervical polyps. I started bleeding today, should I be nervous as well? I told the doctor that I had been spotting and she said that everything seems to be ok, but I'm still concerned, again should I be?
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I have a fibroid tumor that causes the same symptoms. Is that considered the same thing as a polyp? The doc said she would prefer not to remove it while pregnant. She said no sex at all because it could possibly start bleeding and not stop. She also said if I had a lot of bleeding other than spotting to call her. I think it is either on the cervix or uterus. She didn't say exactly where it is. Sometimes it hurts a little.
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Hi ladies!
im 16 weeks with my first baby. i have had light peachy coloured discharge since i was 12 weeks! the first few times i was terrified i was miscarrying as a suffered a missed miscarriage in april this year! after going to a and e several times they scanned me and thankfully everything is fine with the baby! wednesday just gone i went to the toilet and to my horror i was bleeding bright red blood almost like a period! me and my partner rushed to the hospital were they gave me an internal and discovered i have a polyp on my cervix but they were not sure if it was protruding out from the neck of my womb so they sent me for an ultra sound yesterday! my baby is doing well and the bleeding stopped overnight. UNTIL YESTERDAY!!!! the bleeding started again and to reassure myself i went back to the hospital were they done another internal and reassured me that it was the polyp causing the bleeding and my cervix is still fully closed! its hard to believe that so much blood can come from a thing so small as 5 mm but the nurse said its surprising how much blood they can produce due to the blood vessels they are made up of!! i feel much better now after speaking to the doctor and having it explained properly but seeing the blood is still not nice! they told me that its likely that the bleeding will continue throughout my pregnancy. they also said that removing it while pregnant would be dangerous but they do advise to have it removed quickly after giving birth! hope this is of some help and comfort to anybody worrying or having the same problem and good luck to all u mummys!!! hugs helen xxxxxxxx
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Mine stopped bleeding at about 5 months or so, but I am 8.5 months now and it is still there. I think my doc is planning on removing it after I deliver, but I don't know how soon. It is kind of scary still.
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how was your baby after giving birth? please reply.. i just needed to know everythings gonna be ok even if there is polyps during pregnancy. how was your pregnancy during that time. i hope you can help me with this.


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yup my sister did and they said that most likley the polyp she had would take care of itself  and it did she just blead.

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This is my second pregnancy after 7 years. A 9 weeks pregnant, Last week, exactly friday afternnon about 5pm,i was so nervous of having small amount of fresh bleeding coming from my vagina on my panty shield, and my husband rush me immediately to the hospital. The gynecology examined me by trans vaginal ultrasound, my baby is OK, with good Fetal Heart Beat. But it was seen in ultrasound that i have a small cervical polyps, and the doktor explained to me; that the bleeding is cause by the polyps, and the cervical polyps is not dangerous to my babies development and me as a mother during pregnancy, as the doktor answers my questions that time. For 2 days now, i never expirienced another more bleeding coming from my vagina. But tomorrow i still have amor er appoinment to my private gynecology, and i will share more about it.
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I went through fertility, all three rounds failed and ended up with 2 polyps because of the fertility.  I had the never ending light period because of them.  Both were benign but my doctor did remove them.  She scraped the lining of my uterous just to be sure there were no others forming.  It is normal for women to get polyps but they can cause infertility if you are not all ready pregnant.  Ironically 1 month later I was pregnant and I am 47.


Keep tabs on the polyps during your pregnancy and do some research on them.  You need to do what is right for you.

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