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best place to buy a dishwasher?

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Well my dishwasher has officially bitten the dust. It has been having trouble for the last month - getting stuck on the heat cycle - so I knew it was coming. This morning I can't get it to do anything but click click click. So we are off to H H Gregg to look at new ones. This is a new store for us in Atlanta and I have never been there but their prices in the Sunday ads always look good. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better deal? I am not going to buy it from Sears because I have had terrible luck with their customer service in the past and I swore I would never buy an appliance from them again.
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we have had good luck so far with home depot and lowes. HTH but we buy our dishwashers at sears since we have never had an issue with mantiance with them.
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You may want to try My Dh loves them. They have good prices and offer free shipping on a ton of items. We have never bought a dishwasher though.

Good luck!

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Our HH Gregg is horrible, hope you have a better experience! We went to look for washer/dryer and they had about 3 of each to choose from, and not a single person working there came anywhere near us to ask if we needed help, all 10 of them were standing in the corner chatting and laughing. We were lured by their great ads but disappointed when we went in. DH doesn't like that oftentimes the great deals in the ads have no brand names specified, either.

We have bought all our appliances at Lowe's, and had great customer service all around. And I was happy that for $30 they would deliver the new and haul away the old!
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I definitely recommend Sears. We just got a new one from there and love it. Plus, they were really good and quick about installation. If you are looking for a quiet model, I learned that it is very important to get one with a stainless steel interior, even if you don't get the stainless outside. makes a huge difference.
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We just got all of our appliances at Lowe's, including our dishwasher. Great delivery too, no problems.
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We've had good luck from Home Depot!
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Well, I bought a whirlpool at HH Gregg and was in and out of there in 5 minutes. LOL They were very nice and when I told them I wanted a really basic one and wasn't interested in a fancy one they didn't try to talk me into spending more. I forgot all about Lowe's though - I can't believe the delivery is only $30. I bet ours is more than that (we are in a big city) but I am going to have to check because I am going to be ticked if it is that cheap! (Maybe I better not check! ) I just paid $110 for them to deliver and haul it away.

On a side note, the guy just installed it and he told me that it would probably last me 6 or 7 years. It was a middle of the line dishwasher - not too fancy but definitely not the cheapest one - and I would have thought it would last longer than that! They just don't make things like they used to. We are planning to remodel our kitchen in a few years and I don't know what direction we will take with it, so I didn't want to invest in a fancy one now. I just wanted it to match the other appliances in the kitchen. But geesh, 6 or 7 years is pretty lame.
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