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daughter leaves for basic

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Hi My dd who is 18 leaves for basic in one week. She graduated from high school saturday. All sorts of things running through my head. After she graduates basic she heads to college and will do rotc any words of advice? Evie
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The first thing that came to mind to say to you is: YOU SHOULD BE SO PROUD. What a brave, independent, patriotic young woman you have raised. I know as a parent you must have reservations about her decision to do this and what the future holds for her, but she is being smart about this and is finishing her education with the distinction of being a ROTC student. She is making a name for herself and broadening her options for the future. You must be just beaming with pride ~ and you should be!

Please thank her for her service!
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Christy is so right.

When she sends you her address- WRITE WRITE WRITE.
Phone calls are not always doable. Letters will give her something to read when she needs that boost.
Also pass on my Thanks for her service
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I don't have any advice but I agree that she is doing an honorable thing and you should be bursting at the seams with pride! Hugs to you!
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I spent 10 years in the Army and have lots of advice for you and for her. I don't have time to post it all right now but will do so later tonight or tomorrow.

Hang in there, mom. I was her 21 years ago and in your shoes last summer when my son headed to basic.
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Pray for her....and we will be, too!
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I am so very proud, but yet it is so hard. I consider myself to be a pacifist and have a hard time with being at war wars fighting in general. You might be nuts but I don't let my kids have play guns not even water guns! I however do and always have supported the people who serve the brave men and women who serve our country. Its a struggle I face. I guess I need more support than I thought I did. Thanks for listening Keep the prayers and good wishes coming Evie
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I meant to say you may think I am nuts but I haven't even let my kids play with toy guns
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