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Knoxville Couple Brutally Raped and Murdered

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I think this is a horrific story, not only because of the crime committed which is disgusting in itself but because of the race riots it's generating! Most media is NOT airing or writing about this story to avoid the racist effects. I think that is really sad what the whole situation implies!! I know our Washington Post didn't run the story, but since my dh is from TN we heard about it from the inlaws. I've put links to the story, but to give a basic summary: A white couple was BRUTALLY raped, dismembered, and murdered by what is right now a group of FIVE blacks. Last I heard about it a reason wasn't given. There is a group of blacks against affluent whites (not sure the official name) but it was reported that some of the murderers belong to that group. Bad news is that the KKK is also in TN so hopefully the police can control future riots as everyone is saying the KKK is going to act on this....
It's just really sad to me that in this day and age we are still facing this whole Race issue in the first place!

Here are some links.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian
WVLT - Special

now my dh told me this story and he is known to exaggerate but I checked snopes and it is real
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this is amazing horriable. I could care who is white and who is black. anyone doing this needs to be put to death. I could not even imagine having to go thru this. who ever did this has such a sick mind.
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That is so sad I taught my daughter to be color blind when it comes to race. We live in a small city that is about 75% white, 20% black or mixed race and about 5% other. She hardly even notices different skin colors... but we discuss differences if she notices. Heck my little one will look at some one with their own funky style, piercings, tattoos, green hair, etc and tell them they look beautiful or points out something she likes about them What is funny is they are so use to getting strange looks by others that she just makes their day

I choose not to judge some one by race or the way they dress but by character. My husband is a little different though...he was raised in rich, white neighborhoods so he freaks out a little when he sees kids or adults in some cultural fashions (baggy jeans,etc). I worked in a inner city school for awhile so I can usually look a kid up and down and know if they are going to be a problem or is more the look on their face and they way they act then the clothes they wear.

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This story made me physically ill. Those poor people. The only thing good enough for the monsters that did this horrible thing is the death penalty. Even that is to nice as their deaths will be a peaceful one. The poor couple they murdered were tortured and terrified. Awful!
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This story itself is horrible. It made me ill to think what those people went through. I agree that color doesn't matter. To take people, keep them hostage and torture them for's unspeakable and barbaric.
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I heard about this... SO SAD!!!
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This story is unbelievable.
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That is just so frightening and sad!!!

Edited to sister lives an hour and a half away from there and said she hadn't even heard about it.
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My Mom and Dad live an hour away and have not mentioned this at all. They get Knoxville news channels as their main channels, too. I will have to ask them.

That is really disgusting. I don't care what color you are, there is something seriously wrong with you to do that to another human being!
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