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Being Sneaky-Lying

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My 4 year old is driving me INSANE!!!! She is CONSTANTLY trying to sneak stuff. Especially FOOD. She tries to sneak in the fridge and get yogurt out. She's gotten in the pantry and eaten like 5 things of apple sauce on more than one occasion. And its on the VERY top shelf!

She is suppose to be in bed right now. Im in my room. I walked out to go in the kitchen and saw the light go off quickly and see her run into her room. So I go in there and ask her what she has in her hand (that she's hiding) she says nothing. I pull her hand out and see two slices of bread!

I DO feed the child. She is not starving. I've tried EVERRRRYTHING to get her to stop. Its making me INSANE. I just want to beat her!!!

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I hope it is a passing phase!
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Maybe she needs more from a growth spurt, or just more filling foods? It seems she likes the carbs from what you are saying. She also may be actually thirsty without realizing it. I'd try to hit up those areas first, rather than just stopping her. Also, try to have her eat things with more crunch - ones that take more work - carrots, celery, apples, etc. More satisfying, but a way to keep calories down and nutrition up.
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Sorry Ember, but I am sitting here literally laughing out loud...did your Mom ever wish kids on you that were just like you????? I think, ma'am, that you have met your match!!!
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I would set aside a healthy snack shelf in you fridge and a drawer or shelf with other snacks that are healthy as well. It sounds like a growth spurt to me. Let her know that as long as it is not close to meal time she can help herself whenever. If she is eating to much of one thing set a reasonable limit for it, such as you can have 2 apple sauces and 2 yogurts today. Sometimes my teeny tiny daughter gets the munchies like that before she gets a few inches taller or gains a pound. As long as she is a reasonable weight let her eat as much as she wants. Many little ones at this age need more calories but still have a tiny stomach so they don't have much extra room at meal time but eat more snacks. Another possibility is try adding an extra small meal (large snack) between lunch and dinner like a PBJ sandwich and a sauce or banana with a tall glass of milk. It might do the trick.

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One of my friends keeps a small wooden crate in the fridge loaded with fruit, cheesesticks, etc and it's her daughters snacks for the day. It's on a low shelf so she can help herself.

But if it makes you feel better my daughter, who is also 4, is sneaky. She actually stole toys from her preschool. Talk about MORTIFYING! She's also been known to tell the occasional fib. It's just a shock when she's a complete 180 from her sister!
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I'd say, as long as she's sneaking healthy foods you shouldn't worry. She's probably just going through a growth spurt and needs the extra calories.

My DD (5) was doing the same thing about 3 weeks ago! Except...she was snatching everything SWEET she could get her hands on! I would catch her on the couch, in mid bite, with an entire 1/2 gal. of ICE CREAM!! (She tried to be sneaky, and was covered up with a PILLOW!) Scolding didn't seem to phase her, either, as soon I would catch her with something else...say, the tupperware bowl of grated Mexican chocolate for hot chocolate! I finally bagged up everything sweet in the house (including her beloved strawberry Quick) and put it all in the trunk of my car! I haven't brought ANYTHING sweet into this house ever since, and so it amazes me how NOW she's "all about" those sugar-free popsicles in the freezer!! (ha) Should throw those out as well, I suppose...Problem with my DD, is that she "changes" when she gets sugar in her system...She's just a "different" kid! VERY hyper!! No, SUPER hyper...and EXTREMELY SASSY! So, I'm having to really watch how much sugar she gets. (I wonder if it's just HER, or if most kids are like this?) I explained to her the other day about the difference in your energy levels, and "sugar-high crashes", when you eat sugary foods (ie. candy bars) vs. GOOD sugars, like are found in fruit. I think she understands. She really is all about being healthy, exercising, etc., but I guess I just had not explained it to her in this way up until then.

Sorry this was so long. It's just that I know what you're going through. It's hard to "deny" your child food, but in my case it's just the WRONG kind of food my DD is wanting! And yes, I have had her checked for juvenile diabetes, which was negative.
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Originally Posted by EmberNevill View Post

So I go in there and ask her what she has in her hand (that she's hiding) she says nothing. I pull her hand out and see two slices of bread!

I am really not laughing at you (ok, maybe a little ) but that just tickled me to death. She's sneaking bread? Good lord, a child after my own heart. LOL I know you're frustrated but at least she's not sneaking cookies or junk. Like the others have said, she might just be hitting a growth spurt and be more hungry more often. I would just tell her "If you are hungry, let me know and I will get you something." I know its hard though. Riley is in the stage of opening the refrigerator door "Just to see what we got" and then leaving the kitchen with the door still open. Dontcha just love the toddler years? LOL
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Gavin went through this too. He would get up when he was supposed to be napping, or if I wasn't in the room and sneak food. I understand the frustration. You know you feed them, and you don't want to deprive them of food if they're still hungry, but you need to put an end to the sneaking, and lying! Plus it's not safe!

We had to end up taking things away from Gavin when he'd sneak things as punishment. We tried everythign from time-outs to spanking, but getting his things taken out of his room so he couldn't play with them seemed to give us the biggest result.

Try and stay calm! I know it's extremely frustrating... ((hugs))
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Oh man. The first thing I thought of *and she probably doesn't have this* is something called (sorry the spelling won't be correct) 'Prater Willy Syndrome'. These kids/adults are addicted to food and will sneak, lie, cajole you all in the name to get food. It doesn't matter if they are hungry or not, they will literally eat themselves to death if given the chance. Does she lie about anything else? Or just food? I'd definitely look this one up.

My friend was a 'big sister' to someone who has Prater Willy and her mom basically had to lock the cabinets, fridge, etc. ANYthing dealing with food. Or she'd eat herself to death. These people can (have to really) be VERY sneaky in getting food like saying to my friend, "my mom never fed me lunch today" and my friend would check and of course she was fed that day. They are very high functioning so they have a Really hard time because basically their only issue is food, but it is a huge one.

Not to scare you, this is the first thing I thought of when I read your post.
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