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Mom of the Week ***JULIECONNOR***

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MS Mom of the Week is a fun way for us to get to know the Mommysavers members. Newbies to the board as well as regulars are welcome to participate. The Mom of the Week is randomly selected a week in advance of her being featured. I do this so I can contact you, let you know your feature date, and arrange to receive a picture from you to include with the survey. Having a picture included is so we can make it a little more personal and put a name to a face. This is optional of course, as are all the questions being asked. If I don’t hear back from you before your “feature” date, I will randomly select the next person and then get back to you the following week. If you would like to participate please PM Christy_K_ and we will get you signed up.

Let’s get started!!!

What is your first name? Julie

What are your kids’ names? Brittany and Matthew

Were you ready for motherhood? Oh, yes!! We had planned for both children. I had already established my career and had accomplished many of my goals that I wanted to before having children.

Have you ever met someone who has completely inspired you to be a better person? Can you tell us about that relationship and how it has affected you?
I had a teacher in the first grade that really liked me and cared for me. She was extremely nice and even visited my mom in the hospital when she delivered my sister. She quit teaching when I was in the third grade and then one day when I was in the sixth grade I was called to the office. She was there waiting to see me. She hugged me and told me how sweet, beautiful, caring, and smart I was and that she was sure that I could grow up to become anything I wanted. The next day, she committed suicide. She was a beautiful and amazingly caring person who was depressed~~which I found out years later. She left behind a husband and two small children. She said things to me that I had never heard before and I truly new she cared about me. I was amazed that she took the time to come see me knowing what she had planned the next day. She did leave a letter to her family.

Do you have any nervous habits? What are they? Oh, I fidget with anything I can get my hands on, especially pens, pencils, or paper.

Did you ever date a guy your parents did not like? Were they right about him? Yes. He was not a bad person, they just did not like him for some reason. My Dad told me that he would send him on a vacation with a one way ticket!!

What do you want your kids to remember the most about you? I just want them to know how MUCH I love them and how complete they have made my life. They are my life. I especially want them to know that I treated them fairly and equally.

What did you learn the most from your mother? That siblings should be treated equally.

How many coupons do you use on a regular basis? What is your best money saving tip? I use coupons all of the time. My coupon organizer is always in my purse. My best money saving tip would be to stay away from Target unless it is really necessary!!

How did you find Mommysavers? Have you referred anyone here? Were you referred here? I stumbled upon the site while looking for Target deals. I didn't realize that there was more to the board than the In Store deals for at least three months. Then I discovered the discussion board and have been hooked ever since. I have not referred anyone here, as it is my safe haven.

Out of all the things the members here have offered in terms of advice, support, counsel and criticism, what have you personally benefited from? And do you remember specifically who the member was that offered that advice? I have made so many wonderful friends over the years and I do want to acknowledge some of them. First of all, Shell and Jeannette can read me like a book. They can tell by my replies that I may be upset or down and out. They have helped me through many sleepless nights of crying and have also offered endless humor, jokes, and stories. Then, one time I was posting on the fact that I hardly got to see my bff and that I missed her and Christy K and Jenny (Lexi's Mom) posted that they were my friends and were here for me. I don't think they ever knew how great that felt. I think the ones that make me laugh the most are Susie and Tanya. You can hear the humor in their written words!! One time I was depressed over my weight and Allgirls pm'd me with support. Both Carols (desertmom and Rileysmom) are also very supportive and informative. Rosemarie checks in on me at night when I am up with my insomnia. She is very sweet. Martha and Kelli are also very sweet, thoughtful, and supportive. Wow, I had better stop~~please forgive me as I know I have left some out~~I know I could go on and on and on.......I just love this board!!

Have you ever met a mommysaver? No, but I just know I will do that before too long~~right, Shell?????

What is the most romantic thing your dh ever did for you? When I was pregnant with Brittany, he had to go out of town for work and when he returned he was carrying one of those HUGE Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals~~right then I knew Brittany would have him wrapped around her pinky.

Tell us five things you like about yourself.
I am extremely loyal to my friends.
I love to laugh, joke, and cut-up.
I have a sarcastic sense of humor.
I live for my children.
I love sending cards.

What hobby do you enjoy the most? What got you started on it? How would you rate yourself? Can you show us a picture of your proudest piece of work? I am currently not into any hobbies, but those "scrapbooking girls" sure do give some inspiration and I do need to get busy!!

How many frogs did you kiss before you found Mr. Right? Was he worth the wait? I only kissed 3 frogs and the jury is still out on the second question. Sorry, I don't mean to be a downer.

What is your favorite genre of music? Who is your favorite group? Have you ever seen them in concert? I love 80's music. I don't have a particular favorite band and no, I haven't been to a concert.

List three things you have on your Life List; things you would like to accomplish before you leave this world.
I want to live in a cold, snowy state for at least three years.
I want to own a farm.
I want to see my children grow up, graduate college, marry, and have children.

Which room in your house best reflects your personality? My kitchen~~I love to bake.

What do you see your children growing up to be like? What career path would they choose?
Brittany says she is going to be a teacher or a vet. I can see her being either, but mainly a teacher. Matthew says he is going to go into the Service and then be a farmer and a chef!! He is really good with his hands and is very creative.

Is there something we would never guess about you? Some kind or quirk you have no one close to you knows about. (C’mon tell us!!!!) I have a thing about clean ears. I cannot stand to see signs of wax in anyone's ears. I am constantly checking my children's ears.

Are there words you live by? What are they?" What goes around comes around." 'nuff said.
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It was great to read more about you! Thanks for sharing that. I hope you have a GREAT week!
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Congrats on MOTW, my friend....and yes, we WILL meet up soon! Enjoy your week in the spotlight...YOU DESERVE IT!!!!
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Julie, Its nice to get to know you a little better
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Oh wow, you mentioned me in your post. I feel like Sally Field on Oscar night " you like me, you really like me!!"
It's great getting to know more about you, hey, if you need a cold/snowy state and a place to farm......come discover Wisconsin.
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It was great getting to know you better! Love your words to live by....and oh how true they are!!
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It was great getting to know you better! I also believe that what goes around comes around, those are great words to live by!
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Glad to get to know you better!!
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Thanks for sharing with us! I enjoyed learning more about you. You can really feel the affection you have for some of the other Mommysavers! That's so wonderful!

Have a super day!
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It was really great getting to know you better. I am also a fan of 80s music and I dream about living in a really cold weather state. Its nice to know I'm not the only crazy one who loves cold weather. LOL And thanks for the shout out. Like desertmom, I had a total "she likes me" moment.
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