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Stores' Markdown Days

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I thought it would be fun to share what we know about when stores do their markdowns an make this a sticky thread to refer back to. If you have the inside scoop on when stores reduce prices, or other "insider" buying tips, post them here.

Old Navy
Old Navy's markdowns take place either after close on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Wednesdays are definitely the best day to shop! I've found apparel for the entire family as low as $.97.
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Here is targets markdown schedule. Typically its every OTHER week that they go from 30 to 50 and from 50 to 75%. General merchandise normally dosent go lower then 75% (not including summer and holidays)

Monday--kids clothing, infants dept. and electronics (maybe food also)

Tuesday--women's clothing (maybe food also)

Wednesday--men's clothing,garden, health and beauty

Thursday--lingerie, shoes, house wares, sporting goods, luggage, toys

Friday--cosmetics, hardware, auto, domestics, home improvement and jewelry

Please note: not all stores follow this schedule. It is a guideline.
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I live in Dallas, and the Old Navy in Plano has their markdowns after close on Thurs. so Fri. mornings are the best.
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Does this apply to the old navy store in california?
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I am the new kid on the block. There is great information here! I am excited about this site. I have 2 daughters, ages 14 and 12. A BIG HELLO to everyone!!!! :-)
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How do you guys find this stuff out?? You rock!!
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Hi everyone
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Thank you guys SO much.
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If I were to call my local stores such as target and old navy (etc.) would they be willing to tell me when there mark downs are? I live in Utah and do not get out to shop much any I have no idea where the best deals are anymore! I am real excited about this site this is beyond words for me...thank you:happy dance:
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I worked for Sears for about 5 years. We did markdowns all through the week nothing was ever planned. I can tell you that January and July are HUGE markdown months. Everything usually gets marked down pretty low to start getting ready for the new seasons. Hope that helps someone. :-D
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