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I am not all that creative and had a hard time trying to come up with a user name- Steve is my DH and everytime we go out- we usually run into someone DH knows and I am always introduced as Steve's gal Jen. Stevesgal sounded so much easier than squishing my two girls names.
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I have a son named Alex and Im his mommy. Now that was simple!
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I got mine from when I was a little baby. My parents used the good ol CB's and mom was known as Northernlights and dad was Scottsman (we have some scottish background) and I was known as little Brighteyes.
I have always had big brown eyes.

So 32 years later I am still Brighteyes...
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I'm a mom and I have 2 boys... hence momma2boys
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lovin is simply what it is
dj is my son's initials(minus his last)
25 is how old i was when i had him

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I loved my avator from the minute I saw it. In my whole heart I believe that the best things come from nature and if we strive to protect our earth, it will take care of us too. So "Treehugger" just seemed perfect for me...
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Mine's pretty simple. When I logged on the first day I was in need of some time ALONE, time to myself. I was going to put mommytime but decided to use my first name.

So, when I'm on the computer it is MY TIME! Kellytime!
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My dh chuckles~laughs and calls me mama quite often ....NOT in public!! and my 2 1/2 yr old ds calls me mama and my last name is Flemming .....hence mamaflemming
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I just had the worst pregnancy ever (no, seriously, I did), and there were so many things going wrong and challenges to my baby's health and then a horrible complication when she was born....and she was fine! Perfect! And I was really lucky to be okay. So now, when I think of myself as a mom, I think of how lucky dd and I really are- VERY lucky. So it seemed appropriate, that I am, Lucky Mom.

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