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Kids and weight???

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when my dd was at the dr the other day he said she was over weight!! she is 7 years old and 60# she is VERY active (in Dance, gymnastics, and soccer) Runs at Recess and gym and will not be in front of tv too much!! (maybe 3 hours a week!! dep on the weather and some not at all!!)
anyhow!! she also eats healty!! Not uch junk!! she picks the apples and fruit over the junk with a small piece of candy here and there!!

what would you think of all this!! I was kinda put off by him saying htis and esp in front of her!! (I know she heard!!)
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It's shocking to hear isn't it? I first heard it when my ds was 6. I never thought for a minute he was over weight! My doctor said that if they are at least 15 lbs over weight by the time they are 7, that they are at higher risk for diabetes. So even though I didn't agree, I still took it serious. He didn't lose any weight, but he didn't gain any for about a year. Now that he is 9, he is gaining weight again. He is up to 100 lbs right now, so we are going to have to make some more changes. It sounds to me like you are doing alot of things to keep her active and eating healthy. Also remember to watch what she is drinking. Good luck!
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she drinks milk and water only!! (well Orange juice for Breakfast) and myabe 1 juice in her lunch box as the milk contaner I had leaks!! and I dont want it to spoil!!
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Wow. I just got on one of those charts drs use and looked at my daughter's info. She's 7, 49 inches tall and weighs 62 lbs. She's in the 95th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight. So based on that, I'd say your daughter was perfectly normal. (you didn't indicate how tall she was. And my daughter will be 8 in Oct.)

I can't believe your dr would say such a thing, let alone in front of her. Kids today are programmed to think about that stuff. My daughter has said things like she doesn't want to be fat. We tell her that as long as she eats healthily and is active, like playing soccer, she has nothing to worry about. But she still gets these notions, like the other day at the mall, she referred to a dress as a 'skinny dress' and I asked her what she meant but she couldn't answer me.

My dr has never said anything to me concerning my daughter's weight.
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Thanks fo ryour comments!!
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im not sure how tall my daughter is probley about 4 1/2 ft but she will be 10 in a few weeks and shes about 65 pounds.
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I don't know how tall your dd is either, but 60 pounds does not sound that big to me for a 7 yr old. My kids are all small, my 9 yr old weighs 60 lbs, 8 yr old 54, 7 yr old 50 and 4 yr old 34. So, your dd is only 10 lbs different from my 7 yr old son and like I said, my kids are all very small for their ages!!! She sounds pretty average to me!!!! I think it was rude of the dr to say that in front of her. Girls have enough self esteem issues the way it is!!! Did he ask about her eating habits, activity level or anything? I would just keep doing what you are doing!
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I think with all the attention the media is giving childhood obesity MD's are are being a little more aggresive about it. As long as she stays active and is within an acceptable range I wouldn't worry about it. It'd ok to be on the heavy side of average.
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That is not overweight at all, Im surprised your doctor said such a thing - and in front of her! I know someone with a 7 yo son who weighs OVER 94 pounds -- clearly overweight. DS weighs about 67 pounds at age 7.
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I think it's good that your dr mentioned it (not saying that he's right, just good that he mentioned it). I would listen to what he says and perhaps call and talk to him about it more. There isn't any reason for him to make it up or say it for no reason. I'm not sure if your dd is overweight or not, but I would carefully consider the dr's opinion.

You should tell him that he shouldn't discuss it in front of kids. It would have been much better in private.
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