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Wedding Singer..How Much Would You Pay?

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Ok ladies, how much did you, or would you pay for someone to sing at your wedding ceremony. I'm not talking about the reception a la Adam Sandler, but the actual wedding ceremony. I ask, because I am a singer. I have performed in friends weddings before, baby ceremonies, a pop christian group at church, and I'm thinking about marketing myself as a wedding singer. Is that cheesy? I LOVE to sing, so honestly I'm not looking to build a cash cow here, but it's a talent that I have, and I want to use it! And if I can make a little cash doing it, then that's even better!! What do you all think? I need honest opinions!
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Our singer was an angel on earth. Boy, she did a beautiful job! I think Mom paid her $50 - but it could have been $100. Somewhere in there!
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Ceremonies are short, so you would only be singing a song or two. I would think that $50 would be appropriate.
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My husband is a musician. He sings, plays guitar, plays piano, writes his own music and lyrics. He has done many a wedding ceremonies and receptions. I believe that since the music for ceremonies are short-1 or 2 songs, that $50.00 would be reasonable. I would make sure that they provide everything for you; microphone, tape of music, and what not. That way you dont have to buy a mic; the good ones are expensive and it would take you 1/2 a dozen "gigs" to pay it off and a tape-that way you dont have spend time finding the song (without words so you can sing with it). That is just my two cents worth. Good luck. If you are good, you could be really busy during wedding season!! :yay!:
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My dd is playing her cello in a string quartet at a wedding tomorrow. They paid each of the 4 of them $60. That's not a singer obviously, but thought it might give some idea of what people pay for music.
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Ladies this is GREAT feedback! So far I have been able to provide my own music, if needed, I can purchase background tracks on iTunes for .99 cents! So far I have been provided a mic and system to use at the functions....Thank God!!! I'd hate to drag all of that around! I want to purchase a really nice cordless mic so bad! I almost got one for my birthday but I told DH he had a limit, and that went well over!! So it sounds like $50 is the magic number!!! find an appropriate way to market myself!!!
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