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How do you organize in a single wide mobile home

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We live in a cute but small 14 by 60 mobile home. One day we will get it paid off and hope to add on. Right now while the kids are small and we probably need the space more we can't afford it. So does anyone have any advice on organizing books, purses, shoes etc. Those are the main things that I'm stumbling on right now literally. We really don't have the wall space for a lot of shelves. My two boys have to share a small room and are currently sleeping on a futon. One is soon to turn 10 and the other 7. I've thought about bunk beds but I am afraid the ceilings are too low. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
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Your boys would probably love bunk beds. Shop around. There are newer models out there that are lower and come in different configurations.

When you live in a very small space, the only solution is to be RUTHLESS about the accumulation of clutter. DO NOT keep anything. Get to bare-bones living. You can't have multiple purses. Have one good one. When that wears out, get rid of it and buy another. The upside is you can concentrate on buying better quality because you're only going to buy one. On the downside, you aren't going to have lots of variety and you can't buy in bulk. You can't garage sale shop ahead to save money for the boys clothes because you don't have room to store boxes of items they will grow into. If you can't use it NOW, this very minute, then don't get it.

Make sure you're using every square inch of storage space. Usually this means your furniture has to have more than one use; ie: the futon is both a couch and a bed.

Lastly consider expanding your living space to the outdoors. I'm sure you've probably already done a lot of that.
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Do you have an Ikea near you they have some great bunk beds one where the bottom bunk is on the floor. The other Idea is twin lofted beds that will give you more storage under them, or will get rid of the need for a dresser. Books, purses and shoes well have you considered just storing what you don't use. Go through your books, Store anything that you don't plan on reading in the next 3 years. Same with shoes trim it down to the top 5 pairs, I store my shoes under my dresser, books on book shelves in my spare room and on shallow shelves in the pantry, Shoes you can also get stoarage things that go over the backs of doors. I would check out ikea anyway they have so many ideas for making small spaces work!. I understand about small spaces our home is only 200sqft larger. We utilize every inch Down scaling our furniture is something we are still working on. We used to have a huge entertainment center but it just didn't work. So just play with things you will get it right!
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I live in a 14 by 70 single wide, and I can totally relate to not having enough space. My boys also share a room, and I agree with the others, they have bunk beds. Another thing I do is buy those rubbermaid totes that are made to fit under the bed. I put things in those, and then slide it under the bed.
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We didn't live in a mobile home but we had a small 2 bedroom house with no downstairs closets or storage areas, the house was a little over 900 sq ft of living space and we have 2 kids (boy/girl). We did alot of mulitipurpose furniture usage. Things like end tables with doors so you could store things under them like, craft items,videos,c.d.'s etc. Underneath the couch is a good place to store board games,puzzles or gift wrapping paper.Ottomans with liftable lids can be used in the living room to hide extra blankets and pillows. We had no area for a home office so we used a small corner of our china hutch to store a plastic tote filled with stamps, staplers,address labels, paper clips,etc. just pull it out and take it to the table with you when you need it. Shelves in children's rooms up high works good for keepsake items that you don't want them playing with but would like displayed.My son had this for his matchbox car collection. Add extra shelving to your closets if possible, underbed storage totes are great too. End tables in the bedrooms with old sheets drapped over them make for good hiding spaces underneath them for extra storage. Alot of put-together-furniture you can buy at places like Target and Walmart work good as extra storage too. We used a tall narrow book case tower in the bathroom for our towels and shampoos,etc.
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