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Anyone Get Pictures Taken at Walmart?

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I need to get my dd's one year pictures taken next month and I am on a super tight budget until I find an evening/weekend job and I saw an ad where they are pretty cheap so I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with them. I usually just go to the local Proex studio which I love but I really do not have tha much to spend right now.
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Yep and never again! I hated them!
I know other people have had good experiences there but not me and I have tried them 3 times~
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I haven't had the best experiences either.
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they are ok for in between pictures that aren't special milestones. I used to have all of our oldest dd pictures taken there when she was born. We just couldn't afford a "studio", then when Olan Mills was in all the K-marts we went there and their pictures were awesome! Then they closed and we started using sears. Sears usually has a basic package that is one pose. They recently changed their paper and I'm not too thrilled about that. We have gold cards(membership cards) and don't pay a sitting fee. Walmart depends entirely on who is taking the picture. You can get some real dud's taking the picture and you can tell because they just don't work with the kids. Other times the younger girls do a great job and are energetic. The good ones don't stay long because they move on to other studio's.

Have you tried taking pictures really close up outside? You can do some wonderful things with cropping at walmart's photo lab and they can also print wallets and all sorts of sizes for you. I took several months pictures outside. Cute blanket on the ground and something green behind. You really don't see what is around too much when the picture is nice and close.

I also take pictures at home when I am frustrated with the studio's and am tired of them taking the same ole pose. We get pictures taken often and I get sick of them not having any new idea's. Because of that we have started taking more at home then bigger milestones at the studio.

Hope that helps
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Just had my 3yr old's done in June. The gal was rude made us wait almost an hour (there was no one else there) my 1 yr old fell asleep waiting. The gal wanted to do pictures of her while she was sleeping. Very demanding that we by the most expensive package. In the end pictures turned out not nice at all. I'm sticking with Sears.
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I had some cute pictures taken there. The guy worked me pretty hard to buy more than the standard package, though, which annoyed me. At one point I heard that the photo paper they used doesn't stand the test of time like others do. I don't know if that is true or not. I frequent Sears, and now your $9.99 package is based off the photo you choose, not the first one.
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I don't have kids, but Dh and I got our pictures done at WalMart and they turned out fine.
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I'll be glad to post a few I had done there...but I have had problems twice. I also have a JCPenney coupon, I think, if you want it.
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I've always taken my DS there for his pictures, I will admit that it really depends on the photographer as to how good the pictures turn out, but, just remember, YOU are the one who approves them!! So you can say, No, and make them take the pic. again(it comes up on the computer screen for you to approve) Once I had them take over 20 pics. of DS cause the woman was not good with kids and he was not smiling or whatever. The lady that has taken DS's pics. the last 2 times was GREAT!! I'll be picking up my new pics. on Wed.

IMO, you need to ask some of the Mom's in your area as to how good they are at the Walmart that your planning to go to!! HTH!!
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I've had some bad ones, but more good times there than bad. I would recommend them. I think like any picture place it totally depends on the PERSON working. I went one year for Christmas and it was a husband and wife team that just bickered the entire time, and the picture turned out cute, but totally off centered. And Samantha was little and they didn't sit her up right. Another time the picture came out GREAT, but the prining place screwd up the picture and they gave me my money back and a free 8X10. Some times the people are totally NOT into it, and do nothing to get the kids to cooperate. I've been a couple times that I found the person to be FAB, and the pictures came out GREAT. At the time, for 4.88, how could you go wrong??? The prices have gone up slightly, but I still think its worth it. I would use them again.
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