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School Uniforms - best place to buy?

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My son is starting kindergarten in August at a public school that wears uniforms. By that, I mean the uniforms that can be purchased at Sears, Target, Kohls, etc. He has a choice of 5 different colors of polos or crewnecks, and 4 colors for shorts/pants. I've been looking around on the web at the different prices at stores and wondered which has the best quality for the price. In my area, we don't have Kohl's, but I see their prices online for these items aren't bad. I see that right now they have shorts in a couple of the colors on sale - it's their brand Sonoma life+style. Since I have never shopped there, I wondered what you all think of their quality. Any other suggestions on purchasing school uniforms are welcome. I don't want to spend a LOT of money, but also don't want to get items that I'll have to replace over and over throughout the school year. I'm thinking of purchasing 5 to 10 sets of shirts and shorts. We're in South Florida, so for now, I'm sticking to shorts and I'll worry about pants later on.
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Kohl's quality is good but I find that their boys pants run really narrow. My 8 yo son is average to a little slim and the regular pants are pretty tight on him. If I go up a size, it is still pretty snug but really long on him.

I've also gotten some things at Target and they have worked fine. There are a couple uniform stores here that we have shopped at. They are more expensive but they are great quality and they will refund your money if the kids wear them out before they outgrow them.

I've also gotten some things at Once Upon a Child (a resale shop). It's hit or miss and you have to really look at them. Since he wears them everyday, I don't feel bad spending $4-$6 on a pair of good used pants that he'll just roll around in on recess. I also have some good pairs that I keep for him to wear on days they have Mass or special things.
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I've seen the uniform stuff at Target and it goes on sale throughout the year and you can get good deals. I've also seen stuff at TJMaxx and Marshall's. My kids wore uniforms at their old school but we had to buy them at a specific place so they had the school crest and all that on them...which was a drag because they were really expensive.
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My DD will be in uniforms in fall too. I have not ordered from here yet, so I don't know how good everything is, but here's the website I recently found:
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Thank you, Kathring, for posting that site! I notice they carry the French Toast brand which I've seen in the past. Sears carries that same brand, but their prices are higher than on that site. That sale they have going on is terrific! I may take advantage of those prices now, while it's still early in the summer. That will be one less thing to worry about in August!
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The one year I needed uniforms I bought direct from French Toast.
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Comparing prices at the French Toast website and the AllHeartKids website, the AllHeartKids sales prices is way better. I also have to get uniforms for my DS this year for his charter school he's going to attend. We have to buy the shirts from the school, because they have to have their emblem. How many pairs of pants are you buying? I was thinking of 2 pair of navy and 2 pair of khaki. That will give me a chance to wash in between wearing. And maybe one pair of khaki shorts. I don't want to spend too much at the beginning of the year, either, since you never know how much they will grow during the year.
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I appreciate this post since my son will be in a uniform in August too. REcently, the school sent home a unifomr cataloge from Lands End and I have always been impressed with their durability. I know that Old Navy sells some Uniforms items too but I can't attest to their quality.
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I have seen school uniforms at Meijer's and T.J.Maxx. I like the quality of clothes at Sears better than JC Pennys. And at Sears they have that program for kids clothes. You sign up for it and tell them your phone number each time you shop and after when you reach a certain amount you get a coupon off your next purchase.
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