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Do you keep playdough at home for your children? - Page 3

Poll Results: Do you allow playdough?

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Yup! It keeps the kids busy for long long stretches.I'm all for the kitchen
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Definately! My kids LOVE it! They play playdoh and I scrapbook.....couldn't ask for much more!
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We allow it- but only in the kitchen. My girls know that it stays in the kitchen, or it gets put away. They also know that if they do not pick it all up and clean it up, it gets thrown. They do a good job with it.
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My kids are older but my 9 year old even pulls it out occasionally. It's inexpensive, so it's no biggie if it dries out or gets mixed with other colors (my kids don't like that!). We always had it around when they were little. I got a bin of mini playdoh cans and a bunch of tools to work with it for a plane ride to South America (think...VERY long) and my then 5 year old played for four hours straight with it. It was a Godsend!
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My dd loves playdoh but I have to watch her because she can be pretty messy with it. Can't let my 2 yearold son play with it because he just eats it.
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My kids loved playdough. in fact my 11 year old wanted to make some the other day. I make mine using the recipe from "Miserly Moms" and I used kool aid instead of food coloring. Kool aid makes the colors brighter plus it smells better too.
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yes but it is supervised since she is 2 and like to still try to taste it and throw it around. It is only allowed at the kitchen table tho and her sitting.
She got it as a gift from my MIL and I didn't care at first but then in the middle of opening gifts my MIL took it out (IN my living room) over the carpet and start to let my dd play with it.... GGRRHHH I was so pissed since then gift opening was over at that moment... and there was a screaming fit when I had to take it away and say politly that we don't play with it in the livingroom on/over the rug.
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My kids LOVE playdoh, they can play for hours!! It's great for fine motor skills and creativity also! I make sure we play a couple times a week. Now my MIL won't allow it in her house and I think that is just so sad.
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My son LOVES playdough! He played with it for 2 hours tonight (although not the whole time by himself)

I prefer the homemade stuff to the store bought kind. I also have a daycare and we play with it in our playroom, which is covered with foam mats. Then I just use a restaurant style carpet sweeper to sweep it up!
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Oh yeah, my MIL HATES playdough and never allowed DH or his siblings to have it growing up because of the mess.

I'm tempted to send DS up there sometime with a HUGE bucket of playdough and all his tools, with instructions to ask grandma to play it with him!
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