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Transplanting Sedum

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I swapped some of my giant Hostas and Butterfly Bush for some Sedum. I believe it is Autumn Joy or similar. What is the best way to transplant this?

I was told I have 2 options but not sure if they both work

- Transplant with root intact
- Option to break off a part and put in ground and water well and roots will come later


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You can do either one. I have had luck both ways. If you want even more plants you could snap off one leaf, place it in the ground and it will grow! It will take a few years to get big, but it works. When I'm out weeding the flowers and accidently snap a branch off of my sedum, I stick in the ground where I want another sedum or I pass them on to the neighbors. Good luck!
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I put a small "branch" I broke off while weeding in a syro cup with dirt and completely forgot about it. It grew without me doing a thing to it. I even left it over winter and It came back the following year. I left a different variety on top of the soil and forgot to get back to it until the following weekend and it started to grow where it was. I love to garden but have very little time to do it.
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Our neighbor gave us a couple branches she broke off of hers and I just stuck them into the ground. I've broken off some from those and have them everywhere. I love them!!! We call them "Live Forevers" because you cannot kill them and they will grow in any conditions.
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Thanks I will transplant mine tomorrow.

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Wow! I never knew that you could transplant sedem by breaking it off like that. I have a huge plant but was afraid to try to dig it up.

Thanks everyone
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